Smart Light Switch for UK

I was looking at the TKB Home light switches but unfortunately they need a neutral wire which in the UK is very rare. None of the switches on my wall have neutral. So I am wondering if anyone can advise of any light switch that can work with ST and work in UK setup without a neutral? I have smart bulbs in places where possible but some rooms have different style light fixtures that cannot have smart bulbs.

I believe the fibaro dimmer (which you can set just to switch on/off) does not require a neutral.
Then you can use any switch!

Thanks, do you have a link for it? Is it not a switch? it’s an actual device so where do you store this? I am assuming the entire back box will have to come off and then place the device somewhere in the cavity of the wall?

I think this is the one:

If the switch patress is deep enough it fits behind the switch - if not then I have a couple of similar ones that I have dropped down the cavity at the side of the box

Thanks, it says it needs some sort of bypass device if load is less than 50W Do the not just sell a non dimmable version that doesnt depend on load? or is the dimmer the better option? Does it directly connect to ST without any Fibaro bridge or anything?

The non dimming one requires a neutral :unamused:

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If you don’t mind another hub then LighwaveRF do a range.
These can be integrated into ST on a cloud to cloud basis.

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That’s interesting why the non dimming ones require a neutral. So if I have a 2 gang switch that controls two lights I guess I will need 2 per light switch

Andy, If I have a current 2 gang switch that controls two lights and lets say I just want one of the switches to be controlled by the Fibaro dimmer, so I just connect the dimmer to the one switch. But question is, does the dimmer make the actual switch useless or do the switch still turn the lights on and off with the facility to be able to turn lights on even if switch is off?

I don’t have one of the dimmers but if they work the same as the relays (on/off) which I do have, then you can switch them both with smartthings and the physical switch connected to it

@anon36505037 may have some additional thoughts, he has done his whole house with the fibaro devices and uses both the dimmers and the plain on/off switches.

But in general it’s not one micro per light fitting, it’s one micro per circuit branch. If you currently Press one switch and two lights come on, then that typically only needs one micro.


However, if you have a double gang switch, then you either need a dual micro or two single micros.

In all cases, you can wire it so that there is a wall switch that works with the micro if that is what you were asking. That way you can either turn the light on and off from the wall switch or from the app or from an automation rule. :sunglasses:

I purchased 2 Fibaro FGD-212 250 W Universal Dimmers, going to install them soon. Does anyone know what the little wire sticking out of it is? like a little antenna? what does this do and is it ok to just put this unit in the cavity of the wall? Does it get hot when not in use?

I have a similar problem, i have the aeotec micro switch.
I have installed it for 1 switch but if i turn the switch off manually i wont be able to use it from ST, so it’s kinda useless to use the switch.

Any insight ?