Any idea what these wires might be for?


I’m doing renovations in an older home and discovered this twisted wire coming out of a wall and then going in behind some old drywall. I can’t tell where it goes or what it’s for. I suspect it’s not live but am not certain.

It could be anything.

Pick up a cheap voltage tester from your local hardware store or Amazon. Get one that can detect low voltage as well.

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Back in the fifties wire like that was used for the door bell, but who knows what it is for. As suggested get a voltage tester that reads from low voltage to high. 12 volts to 220.

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Thanks. I was wondering about the doorbell. It’s on the second floor though. Doesn’t look like a normal power line to me.

Not impossible. My doorbell transformer is in the attic.

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Mine is too

Old alarm system wires.