Replace 2 wire door buzzer with switch

I live in a fairly old building that has a simple buzzer inside the apartment to let people in downstairs. The buzzer at the main door is shared with other residents so I can’t replace it. However, I pulled out the button inside the apartment and saw that it’s a fairly simple 2 wire device that basically just completes a circuit when the button is depressed.

I don’t know much about comp/elec engineering, but I’m curious how difficult it would be to trigger this button with smartthings?

Thanks in advance!

There are some other threads on this board about this sort of thing. I would use a MIMOlite so I could connect the dry contact relay to the buzzer wires, and connect the existing button to the contact sensor (for local control).

If you search for “MIMOlite doorbell” you’ll find some posts about modifying the device type to get this to work.

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And to make the search easier, the communitycreated wiki has a set of quick browse lists. One of the sections is for project reports. And one of the lists in that section is for “doorbell” projects. You’ll find several similar projects there. :sunglasses:

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So I’m basically in the same boat as the OP here. I picked myself up an Enerwave ZWN-RSM1 over a year ago to allow me to buzz people into my apartment building remotely. There is unfortunately hardly any documentation or support for this product online. I have been looking around for wiring diagrams of other products, assuming it’d be done the same way. I followed the diagram someone used to do the same thing with their Lockitron Access, but it’s not working out. Seems other products have their own power source…Not sure if that makes a difference. If it comes to it, I guess I’ll have to buy a Lockitron or MimoLite, since it’s been done that way, but I wanted to try and use what I already have, if that’s possible. Thanks in advance for any help!