Concord GE Panel


Anyone happen to know what communication protocol the GE Concord II panel uses? I believe that the automation module that connects to the panel uses RS232, though I am not sure if the protocol coming straight off the panel is any different? I’d like to be able to connect directly to the panel if possible, without incurring cost of automation module? Cheers,

(Tim Slagle) #2

I don’t, didn’t wannt leave this thread hanging without a response. Have your tried finding a white sheet?


HHi Tim,

The only thing I have found is the docs on the automation module itself

I can’t tell from that what protocol the panel is using. From one of the other threads on the board here it looks like the panel is using RS485 but I’m not sure how that is different from RS232? I can’t seem to figure out how to contact the member in the thread that was talking about the topic either Any Concord 4 alarm panel users out there?

Its hard to imagine that the since the panel is connected directly to the control pads that it has different communication than the automation module?

Thanks alot