Alarm System ideas?

I recently moved to a new house and have a clean slate…have been using SmartThings and couldn’t be happier. Does anyone have any suggestion for an alarm system? I’d really like to integrate as much as I can to smartthings. Ultimately - I’d like to have something that was more traditional in a sense with central station monitoring to call the police, etc. I don’t think I can depend on myself/cameras to accurate police the situation. Any direction/opinions are welcome.

Does your area have sms 911?

Thank you very much for the reply.

I live in NY - I checked the FCC’s master list…it appears its only available in very few areas of NY. Mine not being one of them. Why? What was the thought process? Bypass a traditional central station alarm and do a IFTTT implementation with window/door sensors?

Different people have different requirements when it comes to peace of mind, so there’s no one right answer.

The following is probably good place to start, and then follow some of the links for lots of discussion about this topic:

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