Any certified Motor blinds (awning) for outside window? (EU)

Any experience with motor blinds products (outside windows)?

There have been some projects done by some community members in the past, nothing off-the-shelf that I’m aware of.

What country are you in? The options will vary somewhat.

If you’d like to see some of the previous project reports, try this list. However, many will have been done with the classic app and the old platform, so they may not work with the current V3 app without modifications.

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We should also note that anything that you get that has a button remote can be integrated by using a robot button pusher on the existing remote. These are available for the US, UK, Japan, and some other countries. They have a smartthings integration that works quite well, and doesn’t require any modifications to the existing device. So that’s another possibility. It’s discussed in the following thread:

Automating a motorized awning

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Do you mean motorised roller shutters, I guess. Or awning blinds, which are responsible to provide shade outside?

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Thanks, I will look through it.
I am in the Nordics, so EU-Z-wave protocol, but otherwise (to my experience) most global certified devices work regardless of region.

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I mean awning blinds, to provide shade outside

I have done that last summer and then the motor had to be replaced. My wife still blames me for that, but it was a coincidence only. The motor and the shade is at least 13-15 years old, so it was kind of imminent.

If you have access to the motor controller, I guess you either have a switch for in and out, or a remote to control it, then you just need a roller shutter controller. Aeotec, Fibaro, Qubino has them. The operation is the same like a roller shutter. The only difference is 100% fully out, and 0% fully in, but it depends on wiring or module settings how you like it.

The only thing is to look for, is the allowed highest load on the module. If you have a huge awning blind, then you might have a huge motor as well, maybe 2 kW or more. Those modules have a limitations as I can recall usually 1 kW.

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Thanks! will try the Fibaro roller shutter 3, seems like the most flexible solution

Just check that if that Fibaro module works well with ST. There were some complaints recently about Qubino ones that the DH is not supporting percentage slider.

I will check and inform you about my experiences,

Thanks. The report about percentage sliders is true, I’ve got a Qubino Flush Shutter and oh man, what a hot mess.

Window Shade Level is just a proposed capability, so it is half implemented into the new app, and it is in some DHs shows the slider, in some of them not. Some has Switch Level added to the DH and the slider is then a Dimmer…

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