Zwave Blind Motors

Has anyone came across any products or ideas to motorize existing Venetian blinds?

I already own 2’’ Venetian Wood blinds and am looking just to purchase a Zwave motor that can tilt blinds and can integrate with SmartThings. I’d like to have the battery powered and have everything hidden in the head rail.

Smartthing integrates with Lutron Serena Shades but they don’t sell motors separately. I see a couple of DIY topics but nothing that looks very simple to set up.


I am waiting for fliplfic. The price seems reasonable and it looks like its easy to setup as well!

In fact one of our community member @tgauchat is working on it to integrate with Smartthings.

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I haven’t seen anything that’s been released yet and is fully reliable and can be retrofitted yet with z-wave or zigbee.

The current z-wave motors are only available with Graber’s products, they won’t sell just the motors :expressionless:

Z-wave coming soon:

Bluetooth already available:


Have you checked these out?

It has been a while has anyone seen an updated product for good Z-Wave blinds (That you can then control via various voice assistants integrated to SmartThings)?
I see there are a number of “coming soon” ones like iBlinds, My Smart Blinds Hun (which I think is actually still Bluetooth communication to the blinds), and Teptron (which pulls the cord vs rolling the rod in the Venetian blind); but does anyone know of one that is out and works well?

For blinds, I have the My Smart Blinds and I have to say, they have been 100% reliable. I have them on a set schedule (built in to each blind via the app) and they have not once missed their open/close schedule.

That said, they are almost out with their hub which will communicate to the blinds via BT and then the hub will be connected to the internet, Alexa, ST, etc. The only limitation I see is the short distance the BT travels, so it might be necessary to get more than one hub (we shall see.) But the overall performance of these are great for the price. Even without the hub, I am very happy. They do what I need every day.

I also have MySmartBlinds, but the Android app has had major issues with scheduling with Sun Tracking enabled. Apparently they’re working on a fix. I’m also getting their new hub in March which is promised to eventually work with SmartThings.

I should add that I am running on iOS.

I should also mention that I like the MySmartBlinds. I have 7 installed and will install 2 more.

One word of caution to anyone who is subject to the WAF: These (and I assume most) motorized blind solutions replace the manual twist rods or pull strings that adjust the blinds in an instant. You still have a pull string that can control the blinds, but it now controls a much slower motor. I get dirty looks everytime I’m in the room when she’s using this less responsive method to adjust the blinds.

Teptron is set to ship out their z-wave versions in march. The price point seems to be a lot better than other alternatives. But i’m a little hesitant to pull the trigger on them until I know how they integrate with everything. It says it will be integrated with smartthings, but not sure if that means it is already, or if that will be a future add. I have a request into them at the moment to find that out for sure. If smartthings integration is already in, then I will be ordering quite a few. Mainly because they’re the only ones that I’ve seen that work with all the different kinds of cords, so you don’t have to worry about having blinds with the beads on them.