Motorized shades

Before I get flamed…yes I searched. :slight_smile: I could not find much that was current.

I’m looking for motorized cellulose shades or something close to be controllable with ST.

All the things I have come across are either Kickstarter, bluetooth or don’t work with ST.

Any ideas/ suggestions would be great. Thanks

Try “blinds”

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There are tons of threads here about motorized shades. The most popular are probably the Bali shades with Somfy motors. Latest gen support zwave natively.

Yeah, the forums can be really hard to search. :disappointed_relieved:

Fortunately, the community-created wiki has quick browse lists for just this purpose. Check the Project Reports section for “shades and window coverings.” (Lots of info there. When you get the results, in particular check the “Graber” thread for one very recent offering.)

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Thanks for the info…good reading.

wow, some of these are pricey.

Might have to work on a DYI solution

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The main issue with the DIY solution is making sure that it’s safe. Automated Window coverings can severely injure children or pets, or even worse. The issue isn’t getting one to move. The issue is getting it to stop when it should, particularly when an obstruction is encountered.

Very good point. Unless I am finding wrong info I am seeing like $400-500 a shade.

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Check this out if you havent already,

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I paid about $250 per shade, custom width / length from Home Depot.

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Is it z-wave?

Yes, they are just Bali Autoview cellular from Home Depot. We didn’t get the room darkening ones as our application we don’t need / want those. They are in our family room behind furniture, so manual shades were a pain. We really like the light so when we have them down a ton of light still comes in but prevents neighbors from seeing in when we don’t want them to.

They each come with a 2 button remote which I wrote a DH for to be used for other things. I have 5 of them. One of the best remotes I’ve tried.

I also wrote a DH for the blinds and a SmartApp that allows you to group your shades and control them with a single device.


Do you know if they also have roller shades or just cellular?

Yes they do. I saw them in the store. Mine where custom ordered to size length and width.

The new motor is built inside the shade, but batteries are external, but easy to hide. With the new motor you don’t need a gateway.

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Thanks for sharing this. I was just comparing these with Graber and the manufacturer seems to be common for the z-wave portion, it is just re-branded. Also, both use Somfy motors. Bali seems to be a lot cheaper though.

Yes they both use the exact same motor and remote so the device handlers and app will work on both brands.

I actually had a issue and spoke with someone at the factory. They said the makes blinds for Bali, Garber, Budget Blinds, …

Bought mine, Bali Roller, at Costco and love them. Works perfect with ST. Make sure you don’t get the old ones with the RTS connector to Z wave module. Some stores still carry them. I think Lowes is one of them.

Hi Eric,

Thanks for posting your Device Handler Type, much appreciated. I have it installed and it’s working for almost all of the Bali motorized blinds I installed. I have the newer model with the Zwave motors.

On my patio door I have a giant blind that’s 8’ tall. On that one for some reason I keep getting disconnected. For example, I can pair it and operate it so that it goes up. But if it’s left in the up/on position for more than a minute I can’t control it on the app anymore. This happens with the generic zwave switch device handler too. I can reset it by manually hitting opening the blind so that it goes back to the off position.

Would you have any guesses as to what might be causing it?


Not sure, any chance you can capture the logs from your shade in the IDE while it works and when it gets stuck?

So I opened the blinds and you can see at 9:13:39 it shows that it stopped. Then at 9:14:26 I tried to set it at 80% and it wouldn’t budge. I tried to set it at 0 to close it and nothing either…

No clue why it doesn’t respond after it’s in the up position.

Both are manufactured by the same company. Graber is their premium line of products while Bali is their Big Box Store brand. Slight difference in quality, but that’s about it.