Qubino Flush Shutter w/ outdoor venetian blinds

Hi All,
Quibino recently launched a new module capable of controlling venetian shutters.
I was wondering if anybody tried it yet and if it’s compatible with the Smart HUB.
Thank you!

I don’t understand where the motors are, I just see relays.

Seems you have to already have a motorized shutter, and you add their relay…

I got excited, but not as cool. They really need to make a little motor z-wave module that somehow connects to any set of blinds for tilt at least. I’m going to make a spark one soon that hopefully will be nice enough to post. I want to 3D print a little housing that hides a servo that is connected to the “twisty bit” while the rest of the “guts” hide in the header.

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Hi guys, i am referring to the ability to control outdoor venetian blinds as these:

Are they wired to a switch in the wall? A quick search reveals that there are no topics with this brand name, so you’d have to figure out the device type by yourself or with the help of some device type gurus. Z-wave throws the raw messages around that mean nothing to those who didn’t program the thing, so communication with the developers might be required too.

I believe it’s Zwave certified, but it has two relays in it. So it works with Vera, but Fibaro can only control one of the relays. My guess is that smartthings would have the same problem as Fibaro.


There are a number of devices that actually include two different controllable items inside, or sometimes even three or four. The most obvious example is a power strip where each individual plug can report energy draw.

From what I’ve seen, the smartthings infrastructure just isn’t set up to match this concept. There are continual issues with devices that have multiple separate reporters. This affects power strips, scene controllers with a separate load control, garage door controllers, even some multi sensors. (@tyler ?)

Sometimes you can work around this with a custom device handler, but not if each reporter requires its own profile.

Vera allow you to set up one device with two different profiles which is how they make this work, but that’s unusual. As you can see with the Fibaro issue.

So, my guess is this will not work with smartthings because of the two relay design.

One other note: I can only find it being sold in Europe. Different countries have different zwave frequencies. So it’s likely that even if it does work, it will only work with one of the original kickstarter smartthings hubs that was built for Europe. The smartthings hub currently being sold only operates on the US zwave frequency. Unless qubino is also going to make a US model?

Thank you!
this is super helpful! too bad Vera’s app it’s quite ugly :expressionless:
I beleive the US version might be the DC one

Glad it helped! The link to the conformance statement (“declaration of conformance”) on the DC product page just says “coming soon.” So I can’t tell which Zwave frequencies it is offered with. It could be DC power, but still a European Zwave frequency.

The US Zwave frequency starts with the number 9, the Europeans Zwave frequency starts with the number 8. So it’s pretty easy to tell at a glance if they’re compatible.

Here’s the full list of frequencies by country:


Thank you again.
Anyway, im based in EU so i guess SmarThings won’t be ok for me.
So painful having to choose Vera, wish there were other solutions, I can’t spend over 200

Interesting information and Qubino now supports the newer Zwave Plus standards…so does that open opportunities for support in both US and EU?

Qubino’s newer technology also looks very promising (small size, interfacing, etc) and I’m hoping they begin extending to US markets. Thanks for the feedback, Sorli…

Sorry to bring up an old topic, hey its halloween :wink:

Just saw these devices being available in the US

anyone use them to automate home blinds ? Thinking of using them instead of a spark or ESP module …