Another Outage Nov. 29, 2020

Got a notice of an outage of local devices today while I was away and an “Incident Resolved” email as well. Returned home to find only cloud connected devices work. Reboot by IDE did nothing. Google and Alexa think they’re turning on devices, but are not.

I notified support through the app…after attempting to do the same via the link in the outage email. That form failed and had a lovely frowning face at the bottom of the page. Sorta looks like my face now that I can’t control anything in my house without flipping switches manually.

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To add to the weirdness, my Buttons are working to control devices that are local. Also, Smart Lighting is working for automation of cloud devices.

Powered the hub down by pulling the plug. Now everything works again. Really getting irritated with the frequency of the need for this.

I too cannot control hub connected devices even though the issue is supposed to be resolved. Going to try hub reboot.

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Same problem here, and forced hub restart got me back up and running. First time I’ve ever had to do that.

My Hub is offline with blue light, 2 restarts already and still the same… just happened about 40 mins ago.

Glad I stopped by this thread (I was about to contact support). I was able to control my thermostats after the outage, but could not turn switches on and off. I just unplugged the hub after reading this and now everything works. First time I’ve had to do that in the three years I’ve owned it.