Smartthings migration nightmare

I finally migrated to the new smartthings, it’s been nothing but chaos.

First, I used to only have one location, but after migration 2 locations (“home” and “my home”) appeared and my devices are spread across the 2 locations… Support told me to manually delete the devices from one location and then re-add them to the other… Ugh.

What’s worse is that all my home monitors are all gone! I created a bunch of custom home monitors years ago and now I have no record of them as to even how to manually put them back… Support didn’t seem to even understand what home monitor is…

Is there a way to reach out to more knowledgeable support to help me out of this royal mess?



You may want to look in the automations and scenes sections to see if any of your custom rules in the old SHM were migrated. You can click on menu (3 bars in the upper left of the screen) of the new app to find those sections.

There have been a few users that have also experienced the multiple locations with devices split between the two. Not fun!

Not sure who to tell you to contact. You can always ask questions on this forum and users will be glad to help.

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The security feature in the classic app was called “Smart Home Monitor.” (SHM)

The similar security feature in the new V3 app is called “smartthings home monitor.“ (STHM)

These days when you contact support the first people you will get are just general Samsung employees who are working off a script. So if you don’t say “smart home monitor custom automation“ they probably won’t find it when they look it up in their script database. :scream:

Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately the automations section is completely empty it seems.

Thanks for the quick reply, it’s nice to know there’re people around who’re eager to help.

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Thanks, I’ll try to contact CS again with the proper terminologies.

Every exchange with CS takes 24 hours at wee hours, guess they’re offshore and only read each ticket once a day. :frowning:

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It’s been a while since I did the migration, however, I seem to remember if you go into the Classic App, there is a tab or a section with rules that did not get migrated. I do not remember how I got to them. But, I used that to rebuild new rules in the new app (took screenshots and used the pictures to recreate the logic)

Consider yourself lucky you got any support at all.
I have a similar issue and been trying to get anyone on the line for 4 weeks now.