Announcement | Changes to our Legacy SmartThings Platform

That’s called Hubitat. And I’m seriously thinking about switching when they turn off the Groovy IDE.

As often happens with Big Tech, Samsung has not understood the distinction between the professional developer (in this case, mostly, the device manufacturer) who has the resources to host everything in the cloud, and is going to sign up as a “developer”, the “community developer” who is still developing code for others and will likely sign up as a developer but won’t have the resources to host their own servers for all their users’ automations, and the “home developer”/“power user” who is primarily writing code (or modifying others’ code) for their own use, and will NOT want to sign up as developers or host their own stuff in the cloud.

SmartThings knew the difference, I’m not sure Samsung does. But they’ve let us have Good Things for this long, which is way better than I would have expected from most large tech companies.


Careful with the mentions of hubitat - I did that in the “get ready for the switch” thread and had my post hidden because it was deemed “off topic”.

What a load of bollocks this is becomming.


Well I am currently trying out The Other system, because I had always intended to once I could get hold of it, but I can see myself coming back to SmartThings eventually if it does become a more local-based system, which is being suggested. The idea of having to learn a different way of programming rules isn’t a huge problem - might keep my elderly brain active for a bit longer. I actually like the attitude of the ST staff and the way their documentation is really thorough and up to date. No criticism of the other lot, but ST has always particularly impressed me in this respect.

Oh and I should add my ST hub is still running, linked, since I have one device I can’t seem to get connected to the new one, also I have lots of ST devices.


The smartthings staff have been pretty amazing. It’s not their fault that the product, temporarily (?) has became something which isn’t worth having.

Perhaps in the future things will be better. But far too many things have been broken without suitable replacement/functionality.

Why should anyone ‘wait it out’?


So far the transition to Phase 2 has been smooth for me. One question, one comment:

Question: Any sense of the timing for the replacement/retirement for the current IDE (Phase 3)?

Comment: The new mobile app is pretty, but it is not space efficient, especially for those of us with many devices. Define many? I have about 60. About half are commercially available, and the other half are of my own design.

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I am using custom app, lock manager. If I am not able to use it anymore or create code by myself, SmartThings platform is not of any value for me.

And that after spending almost more almost $2K in hardware for last 7 years.

I understand Samsung focus for broader audience, but this was last straw.