Android Wear is awesome!

So i ordered a LG G Watch! I am super excited about the wearables coming to the market!

What do you think the odds of seeing a Wear app from smartthings? I would love to have the ability to turn on and off my lights from my watch. Also, to be able to see the status of my house from my watch would be awesome!!! SmartThings on my wrist would be awesome!!!

I know the smartthings people had a few devs at I/O so they should have the tech, just gotta start building for it :):slight_smile:

So exciting!!!

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Cool. Curious to hear what you think of your Gwatch when it arrives. I thought seriously about it, but am holding out for the Moto 360.

I think the big issue right now is that there is no extensibility to Google Now. I really like my Moto X in that I can always just start talking to it without having to pick it up, unfortunately (short of building a Tasker based app and asking Google Now to launch it) there is no way to send intents to anything other than Google services apps or APIs.

Hopefully Google “Home” (or whatever they end up calling it) will provide the necessary APIs for other apps to hook into it for not only voice input, but other Google Now notifications.

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Well the G Watch will always be listening so it will have the same functionality s your Moto X is that respect.

What I plan to do is make a couple tasker apps that run some endpoint commands so I can say, “Ok Google, Open Good Night Home” and it will run my good night home phrase. That works for me :smile:

Its not the fact that it works the way you want it to, but that it works at all. You have to remember your going to control it with your voice from your wrist. If you have to do some tinkering to get that to work so be it.

I’ll have fun amazing my friends that i control my home from my wrist :smile:

I’ll probably pick up the 360 when it comes out too. I wanted an everyday smart watch. The 360 will be my “dressy” smart watch.

Yeah, I really don’t care if the Moto 360 costs 1200 bucks, IT SHALL BE MINE.

The API for Wear looks pretty nice. Making an ST app for it should be simple. Even one that just allowed for mode changes would be neat…but having voice commands map to endpoints should be pretty easy.

I can’t wait to see what the STs team does with Wear! Its gonna be sooooo cool!!

P.S. If you need beta testers STs team for your wear app count me in :stuck_out_tongue:

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We sent two of our Android developers to Google IO who both went home with wear devices. Nothing official yet, but they have some cool ideas!

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Thanks @urman!!!

Wearables as a whole are going to be soooo cool! Future of tech is happening right now!

Nice thing about wear is google is not allowing OEMs to mess with the code at all. So it should be a easier platform to develop for :smile:

Can’t wait to see what Smartthings has up their sleeves for Android Wear!

FYI…IFTTT has an Android Wear channel and integrates with SmartThings for actions.

@tslagle13, did you ever get your og watch, and working functionality with voice actions to SmartThings? I’m curious what method(s) you’ve used and what works and doesnt work for you.

Its working for me, give or take some issues with the voice processing from watch > phone > SmartThings. I’m making Android apps via Tasker that call on ‘virtual devices’ or ‘hello home’ functions, but its a bit of a process that I’d love to simplify.

Just a little curious :smile:

TBH i kinda gave up on it. The functionality to to hacked together for my interests. But may dig back into it soon. Good to hear you go it up and running though!

I’ll take a crack at an AutoVoice/Tasker/Commandr set up when I get my Moto360. There are a few Wear devices floating around the office but people are holding on to them very tightly :smile:


I have tasker and autovoice set up on my LG G watch and its not bad at all. Not instant and the voice recognition is flakey sometimes but it works. Here’s hoping for a new version of the ST app with Android Wear integration…

Hi tslagle13,

I wrote an Android Wear app for SmartThings, but I don’t have an android wear watch to test it (I’ve been using the emulator).

Would you be interested in testing out this app on your watch?

My email is jrejaud at gmail dot com, if you are interested :smile:


Can you send me it at I’d love to share it with everyone!

Hi @Jordan_Rejaud I have a LG G Watch and would be happy to test the app and share results etc with @Tyler and you!

Sent you an email my friend

@Jordan_Rejaud Just sent you an email too!

@Jordan_Rejaud I’d be interested in a Wear App as well, and I’ll email you in a few…

@jonallsebrook - How do you have your autovoice configured to take google now commands from your watch? Is it similar to setting up Autovoice on the phone? I didnt have much luck, probably doing it wrong. I am creating apps in Tasker, installing/exporting on my phone… Basically I’m doing (on the watch) “Ok Google open unlock front door”, little bit of processing on the watch, but it then launches the Android app (all things considered its about a 10 second delay). I am curious how you’ve set AutoVoice > Tasker up, and would help me stop making android apps :smile:

@johnessey take a look at this you may find it of use :slight_smile:

Thanks dude!

I tried used Tockle early on, but it didnt enable voice pass through to Tasker, only button press (which is fine). I’m using ‘Tasker for Wear’, which works really well when I dont (or cant) speak Tasker tasks to my watch. There’s a new / free / different version called WearTasker (seems like it works just fine, and free).

Also, watching the video for AutoVoice, really makes it super simple to set up. Thing is, I still cant seem to pass a voice command on my watch to my phone, and have it run a command/automation to SmartThings devices. I dont know, maybe its me. Though, using this method/AutoVoice on my phone is great, no issues. I can easily execute automations without installing a Tasker app or anything like my work around…

My work around has been to use Tasker, set up a virtual device and then have Tasker httpget one of the virtual devices. Then set up a SmartThings app to act on the state of that virtual device. Once that’s all set up, I then ‘export as app’ from Tasker and install the apk of that automation on my phone. Then, when I active listening on my watch (or phone), I can easily call out "ok google open/execute/launch ‘tasker action’, which passes that to my phone and runs the Tasker automation app (or action, really) I just created.

Thing is, it takes 20-30 seconds for the SmartThings app to launch and let me get in to “things” or another Dashboard section to do something. It’s a lot quicker and convenient for me (most times) to either speak an action to my watch or phone, or just tap on some app on my phone to launch an automation. And with it being an apk, baked in Oauth, I can install apps on any phone/device (Wife…) and they can do automations in 1 or 2 taps, and that’s important (to me, at least). I’m trying to not live in my SmartThings app or in my phone for that matter…

I’m super excited to see (at least I hope to) some native SmartThings integration in to Wear or other devices, it makes sense to me to speak (or quickly have access) automations and actions, it seems natural and smart… :smile: