Will Smart things be supported on Apple watch

Does anyone know whether there is a plan for smart things to develop an app on Apple’s new watch that will release sometime this year? In the keynote today it was announced about the S-Gear but I could not find any information on the community about Apple watch app being supported by smart things.

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I would imagine eventually as long as it becomes a success, which we think it will. With the Samsung acquisition, Android will most likely come first for newer technologies.

I see on this page of 27 Apple Watch apps you can try, Honeywell has a Total Connect app that lets you adjust your thermostat from you wrist. This is as far as I know, the first IoT app for the Apple Watch.

Wearables are going to be absolutely killer in the smart home.

Personally, the “fart” app (currently on page 2 of that site) seems like it will be a hit amongst my IT guys. :smile:

…they don’t seem to get out much…

However, if Apple opens up Siri to apps as well (which they are expected to at some point in the not too distant future), that combined with the watch will really be killer.

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I pre-ordered the Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel watches and plan on getting an Apple Watch to see if I like that first. I am definitely going to go with one of these. I see there is an ST app for the Pebble but seems pretty limited as it’s third party made.

Siri on your wrist would be neat. Especially when you want KITT to bring the car around. :grin:

I’m also really interested in iBeacons in the home. Wearables make more sense when it comes to beacons as they’re always on you. I’m picturing a home that knows the exact room you’re in at all times.

…and i want to control my CT100 from my wrist.

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They likely will have some kind of HomeKit integration, but only for Mfi (Made for iPhone) certified devices, which Samsung has already said it’s not interested in making (including SmartThings).

That said…If any wearable can do text messages via voice (Siri or otherwise), you can use those with SMS for decent voice control via IFTTT. I’m using this now thanks to @Will_Poirier 's observation that one hashtag could be used to trigger multiple SmartThings actions. :slight_smile:


I would hope that SmartThings would realize the importance of not alienating a demographic that, according to all advertising and sales metrics, typically spends more. I realize the Samsung parent will make this difficult.

I’m not sure they typically spend more than Samsung’s own customers, though. Viz. the Gear smartwatch, for example.

Or this:


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I love that fridge…been thinking about a new fridge and a Sammy has been high on the list.

It’s a marketing demographic thing. It is also why you often see indie developers start on the iOS platform and then launch an Android app later. Not always true, but it is a common thing.

Note - this post is not meant to start a flame war. I was just posting some backup on my position as to why I hope that SmartThings considers MFi certification if it is required to "really get things done.

This is the one I actually want!

but…that one doesn’t have a tablet on it! :anguished:

That’s what duct tape is for. :smile:

Actually, it is more about the temp control and that lower right area.

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Or instead of duct tape, the under $25 engineering solution:


Except you have to take it down to charge it.

run a cord! check out my maytag smart fridge…


Anyway… wearables!

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Wearables are coming, as is microlocation, but who knows when? (And eventually an HA system that listens for heartbeats to determine occupancy.)

HomeKit is set up for microlocation (rooms divided into zones) but weirdly no formal mention of iBeacons yet.

My personal guess (purely a guess) is that summer of 2016 is when we’ll see several robust home automation systems including wearables and some voice control. Apple watch + HomeKit + Insteon for one. I’m expecting Samsung + SmartThings, including Gear, to be another. Not sure which way Honeywell and Amazon will go, both could be important. And Nest is on its own path. We’ll see.

But yes, definitely wearables. :blush:

@JDRoberts this is one time I totally disagree with you. It was always there… Remember the sci-if movies from childhood days… :wink: it’s that now it’s making a comeback.

Give me some of that!

I’ve heard you make this guess about Summer 2016 before. I tend to agree with the timeline and the players involved. I think the Insteon+Apple call is definitely an interesting one. Maybe Apple uses some of that cash to acquire them? That’d certainly be a major coup for Insteon after all these years.

Finally, I know Samsung and Apple are mortal enemies and it would seem, as Google has done, that they would alienate Homekit. But my fingers are crossed that Samsung means what they say about openness. Here’s @alex 's great dodge in CNET about Homekit. I wanna believe the man.

A quote from CNET:
“we believe our [version No. 2] Hub is HomeKit-capable, but HomeKit’s not mature enough yet. We have a huge iOS base. We’ll continue to go for native experiences for them as much as we can and the goal is whatever’s right for the consumer – truly.”

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Is there no offical word from them on this? So many apps are being updated today for the apple watch, I got 8 in the last hour. The most interesting of the list to me:

• Support for the Apple Watch - Download our companion Apple Watch app to control your security system, locks, garage, lights, and thermostats, and even view live video from the watch.

I use alarm.com so I’m still very happy that I can now arm/disarm from the watch without finding my phone… but I would much rather had an update for smartthings! Why can’t you be dropping a sweet app update to be of the first HA companies to do this? Please don’t make us wait for months… :smile: