Android wear integration?

So, Android Wear is hear. When will there be support for it?
Here is some nice AutoApps + Tasker integration + Android Wear for home automation.

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There’s a way to do this without root (how it’s being done in that video). Same concept, pretty much using Tasker+Google Now, but without the AutoVoice…

The short of it would be (in Tasker), export your tasks out as an apk, then install the apk. Launch Google Now (very handy now that you can do it from the lockscreen) and say “launch turn off lights”, or whatever.

Also, there’s IFTTT integration in Wear, so that may be viable if you dont want to use Tasker. I dont think it’s voice controlled via Wear though… you have to tap a button.

Hopefully my watch arrives today so I can play :smile: