Gear S2/S3 Smartthings control via Tasker on watch!

Found this recently…wasn’t aware it was available, but there is Tasker integration for the Gear S2 / S3 smartwatches! That’s exciting in general for Gear S2 / S3 owners (access all your Tasker automations on your wrist).

The news for SmartThings users is that this means that you can turn on/turn off, unlock/lock your SmartThings devices from your Gear S2 / S3 smartwatch via the Tasker plugin that the SharpTools app provides.

I’m using this setup to access my SmartThings devices. (And for the more technically inclined you can also use IFTTT and the Maker channel via the AutoRemote Tasker plugin.)

Pretty cool, until we have a native Tizen app available (link below on thread where that is happening pretty soon) this is one way to have your home automation on your wrist.

Requires a bit of setup and of course you’ll need to create Tasker Tasks you want to run from your watch.

You’ll need these on your phone:


TaskerS2 (Gear companion app - Paid app, all of 99 cents):

And install the “TaskS2 for Tasker: Automation on your Wrist” app on your Gear S2 / S3 from the Gear app on your phone.

You’ll need to enable “Allow external access” in Tasker Preferences (Misc. section of Preferences) so the watch app can access it.

Enjoy…pic below is from the Gear app store page for the TaskS2 Gear watch app.

Pics of the app icon and screens on my watch:


Thread where work on native Gear S2 / S3 app is going on currently:


Are you still working on this. Would be very useful. I am having problems with tasks2 and sharp tools.

The actual developer is @ShufordTech, and we are still waiting for him to release an initial version.

Like anyone else, this stuff is just a hobby and he must be too busy with real life lately to do a lot of work on.

Keep an eye on the Gear Watch thread I linked to in my post above - he’'ll post there when he’s ready to share the app.