Android wear integration

Is there any plan to support Android wear in the near future?


I would +1 this one alot. Now that Google is getting ready to open Google Now up to 3rd party as well.

Yeah, Google Now cards would be great of course! As a start however, I was actually thinking about an official Android wear app.

While it’s not designed for Android Wear, you can use SharpTools + Tasker to setup custom Android Wear integration.

What kind of Android wear integration are you looking for? Voice control? Context aware ‘notifications’?

Would I be able to use voice controls directly from the watch?

Yes, using AutoWear for the voice commands and SharpTools + Tasker, you can use voice commands from the watch.

I would note that AutoWear is still in beta, but its pretty solid.

I know this is an old thread, but between Android Wear 2.0 and Google Assistant, voice control of SmartThings is now handled out of the box… though I’d also like to see a full Wear 2.0 standalone app for SmartThings that included just quick access to the buttons that are set in my favorites in the phone app. Wouldn’t need the full app but the dashboard favorites would translate really well to the watch I think.

But I know that’s probably just wishful thinking.

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+1 for this idea, standalone voice automation is great but sometimes it would be nice to have icons to tap instead.

I guess we do get this thought IFTTT but direct integration would be nice :slight_smile: