Android version 2.14.0

This update sux. Lost the sort order of devices in a room and you can’t move devices order around anymore either.

Help! I lost device sorting and my room tabs are now unusable… After sorting and saving it simply returned to alphabetical order :frowning:

To, reverting to a backup

ST Staff.
Not sure if you read this but do you actually test the updates before release.
This is a pretty basic error.
Go into rooms and reorder devices.
Does the reorder stick. NO.
Took me 10 seconds max.
Surely you have a test spec to run through for functionality.
If not, write one. Please. Pretty please with knobs on.
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Glad to see it’s not just me. I liked that my devices are now actually updating now but not being able to sort my rooms IS a major error that shouldn’t have made it into a production release. Very poor quality checking.

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Reordering devices in a Room is working again. Thanks for the patience while we fixed that.


Thank you

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Thanks Brad.

Seems this isn’t the only problem with the latest update :frowning:

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Yes…same here, completely annoying and time wasting, would love to get some attention on this, ST staff.


As per that other post, which shard are you all on that are having issues?

“Sorry, but there was an unexpected error” a lot.

Mixed user base, me on samsung account, family on smartthings account.
Life is no great regarding to ST app, push, contacts and such these days.
Does the account migration play a role in the 2.14.0 problems?

I’m on eu01-euwest1

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This new “Unexpected error” is most likely not related to the 2.14.0 version, i saw that my tablet was not updated from 2.13.0 and as of today, that issue is on both my devices, both with different Android versions, and app versions

I had wondered that but couldn’t remember whether it was happening before the update but after I installed my first two Xioami presence sensors. It’s frustrating that the message isn’t more descriptive and nothing shows up in the logs.

Thanks I had read that. I don’t have either Webcore or Aeon devices and having checked my relatively few device handlers they all have the acceptable types in the multi attribute tile.

ETA; I reverted to the previous version of the app and the errors still occurred so it appears not to be related to v2.14.0 of the app.

I just noticed today that my Things list has changed it’s sort order. I used to be able to start a name Device Name with a lowercase letter and the Things list would sort it to the bottom of the list below all Device Names with an uppercase letter.

Now everything is alphabetic order regardless of the first character being upper or lower case.

Most folks would consider that an improvement/bug fix. Understand it was a useful defect for you, but I wouldn’t expect it to return to working that way.

It would really be useful if ST provided a “sort name” and “true device name” option so we could manage sorting of devices in our lists w/out changing the actual name we have to use when using voice commands.

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