iOS 2.14.0 released (1/30/18)

No crashes but experiencing slowness loading things here and there with a couple of timeouts.

I am on IOS and I just ordered my rooms. I opened a room and moved items around. Am I missing something?

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rearranging and saving rooms works but when you open a room, rearrange items inside, click save, does it keep the order you rearranged them. For me, when I click save it goes back to alphabetical

OK you got it right it lets you move, but doesn’t save when done.

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The crashes seem to be isolated to iOS and custom device handlers.

We are looking into it but please reach out to support so we can track and follow up.

If iOS is crashing on 2.14.0, please check if you have an incorrect type set for a multiAttributeTile in a custom device handler. Here is an example of incorrect code

  tiles {
  	multiAttributeTile(name:"contact", type: "contact", width: 3, height: 2, canChangeIcon: true){
		tileAttribute ("", key: "PRIMARY_CONTROL") {
      		attributeState "open", label: '${name}', icon: "", backgroundColor: "#ffa81e"
      		attributeState "closed", label: '${name}', icon: "", backgroundColor: "#79b821"

Changing the ‘type’ from “contact” to “generic” should resolve the issue. We are also looking into fixing the app so it doesn’t crash with an incorrect type. On Android, this seems to manifest in a “?” tile.

Count me in as one with crashing iOS app. I’ve opened a support ticket.

Is it just the “contact” type that is incorrect and should be replaced? What “types” are acceptable to use? Is there an easy way to determine which custom device handlers are affected?

“lighting”, “thermostat”, “mediaPlayer”, and “generic” are the accepted types.

I don’t know of a programatically way to check unfortunately. If you have an Android device, the app shouldn’t crash but will show a “?” which would help narrow down which device handlers need updating.


What’s being done about the sorting issue?

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I found the errant device handler. Added the correct code. The app is no longer crashing, but like the other reports, I also am unable to re-arrange my devices.

The issue with sorting has been documented internally but I don’t have a timeline on a fix.

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I’m confused. “It has been documented” sounds like past tense to me. Was this regression known before the app was released? If so, wouldn’t it have been prudent to let people know it is broken and will return at some later date (assuming this release was important enough for some other reason to get out there now)?


Sorry for the confusion, past tense as in “I filed a bug report”. I am able to reproduce and reported the issue to our mobile developers.

Regression testing does not mean you test to make sure you are going backwards …

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I can only shake my head on this one.


Same for me, once it loaded it shuts down! Tried to reinstall it but didn’t work!

Log into the IDE and fix your device handler as Brad posted above

For me, app doesn’t crash, but favorites and devices fail to load. Smart apps work, though. iPhone 6+ iOS 11.2.2.

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If I try to open any Wemo device in the SmartApp the app crashes.

Reported to Support. Ticket #500932 if anyone wishes to refer to it.

I’m on iOS.

It may also apply to your case even though you are not crashing. You should check it to see if you have the same settings.

If not, contact ST support :slight_smile:

I have a device handler that no longer is working. Well not working is not exactly correct, it still seems to be running but I can not open the device for my Aeon energy V2 monitor. I just get a screen that says something is wrong, we can’t load your screen right now. I have looked through the code and it doesn’t seem to use any multiAttributeTiles. All I see are standard and Value. Do these have issues as well?

Something else I should look at? I sent in a support request but haven’t received a reply yet. Had not seen this thread at that time.