Ordering devices within a room does not work

Has anyone else noticed this? I have the latest version of the app, on Android (Samsung S6).

In the app, go to:
“My Home” > Pick any room > Tap the menu button top right corner (3 dots) > “Edit room”

At the bottom of the page, it will list your devices, and provide sort icons on each devices row. You can set the order of the devices in the list.

When you hit done and it takes you back to the list…the changes don’t get applied.

As a note: You also have the ability to re-order your rooms list, this DOES work.

This is a known “enhancement” that was released then fixed then released again.

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If you have access to an iOS device, install the app and reorder them there. It will reflect in the Android app as well.

Yeah, it’s a crappy work around, but it works.

@chadbaldwin, or you can install v1.7.6 of the Android app and do the same thing. It’s more of a PITA because device icons are used in that version vs names in 2.x.


Okay, thanks, my girlfriend has the app on her iPhone, so I’ll fix it with hers. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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