SmartThings iPhone app loses room sort order

First post here and impressed with the wealth of knowledge in this forum.

I’ve been using the latest app (not Classic) and prefer to order my rooms alphabetically. Every now and then the sort randomizes and I have to manually reorder. Any idea why?

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Same experience. Really frustrating. It also reorders the devices within a room. I sent Samsung the question. Will report if I get an answer,

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Known bug. Report it to support so they know how annoying it is.

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Done! Was told they are working it.

Wonder if they’re still working on this? So annoying.


An update on this issue. It now seems that the new app retains the order but only until you sign out or are otherwise logged off the app. If either happens, you lose all of your manual sorting again. Why is this? I have over 100 devices and ordering them manually is annoying and time consuming. It would be good if there was at least an option to sort alphabetically.

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Same here - I don’t like getting forced to use the new app when it can’t even sort the devices. I too have 100+ devices and it’s very frustrating that you can’t sort or search for the device you’re looking for.

Yes, they only seem to store the device order locally in the new app, so if you sign-out or have to reinstall, or install on another device, you are stuck wasting an hour re-ordering everything. Why they don’t store the device order to the account in the cloud boggles my mind. Just another glaring oversight in the new app.