Android SmartThings App Login not working!

I woke up this morning to my Android SmartThings app not logged in. I have no idea why it logged out. So when I try to log in as an existing user it opens a browser and keeps saying I need to use Safari, Chrome or Samsung Internet. And won’t let me log in! The problem is I am using Chrome!!! Obviously I can’t use Safari nor Samsung Internet browser because they aren;t available for my Android device(non-Samsung)

What can I do?

@stardomains I have had this same issue… It kept logging me out last night, tablet and phone. Seems to be server issues.

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It was that and I have a browser-chooser app that lets me choose any one of my installed browsers when a web request initiates on Android. Even though I chose Chrome it wouldn’t work. I had to turn my browser-chooser app off and then I could log in.

My app has been doing the same thing since last night. My hub also shows several homes under my account which is weird. Hope they fix it soon as the app is really unstable right now.

I was also having a problem last night and this morning. Kept requiring login, a couple of times it wanted me to register a hub! Just had to re-login right now.

I have intermittent problem accessing my devices and adding new smartapp after logon, it is just slow

@stardomains can you please explain how you turn off that chooser app?
I google and most results are related to the set/clear default app. What keyword should I try to google?
I have an honor8 and this is exactly the same problem I see the first time I’m trying to setup the hub.

Thank you

Just delete the browser-chooser app and then setup ST then reinstall the browser-chooser app.

Have the same issue. Tried with Opera, Chrome and even Samsung Internet on my Kindle Fire 8 HD

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Sorry for bumping this old thread but mines doing exactly the same today. Anybody else having issues?

Actually not just me! EU server issue.

Post your issue in the following thread. The outage and issues for EU have been going on for several days now.

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soo… today I received my hub, connected it and after 3 hours fighting this , not being able to do $hit, I put it back inside of the box and initiated the amazon return procedure.
Now I see maybe i’m not that dumb :smiley:, and maybe it’s not my problem.

Seriouslly Samsung, is it really true that some software glitch is threaten what I intended to be my home security system? Can I trust you for this task? or should I use this only as an expensive toy?

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Hi, I had the same issue but I suddenly realised I had installed Microsoft Edge. I just uninstalled it and SmartThings App now works fine!