Android Smartthings app disables my network communications

I am attempting to get the Smartthings app to run on my Huawei P9 Android phone. I could not install the latest version of the app, so I followed the advice from these forums (fora) and installed version 2.2.7 of the Android Smartthings app.

It installed OK, but will not allow me to log in, instead giving me a rude message:
“You appear to be having issues with your network. Please check you network connection and try again.”

Can anyone out there assist me with a fix for this ?? I really don’t want to buy another phone just for this app.

version 2.2.7 is the previous version of the app called SmartThings Classic. That app has been discontinued and the sign-in has been disabled for it.

As for using the latest version (, I do not have an answer. You may want to contact ST support in your region to see if they can offer any assistance.

go to and tap on Support.

Does your phone have play store?

You can sideload older versions from here

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My phone does have PlayStore and I attempted to download the latest version of Smartthings (to start with). It refused and said my phone was not compatible with it.

I was trying to see if someone has had this problem, since it was this forum that advised me to try V 2.2.7.

Can anyone else suggest a workaround ?

Sideload APK from apkmirror as above

There’s some restrictions around Android version, RAM amount and screen resolution. I’d guess your device doesn’t meet one of those.

The current ST app requires your phone to be running Android 8.1 or higher.

Version which is very outdated and can’t do many things will run on Android 6 and 7.

From a web browser you can go to but again it is very limited.

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The SmartThings Android app requires Android version 8 or higher. According to Wikipedia, your phone can only go up to Android 7. Unfortunately, it’s probably time for a new phone.

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Thank you all for your advice. I have resorted to using my Android based tablet instead ( at least for the setup phase).

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