Android presence and Smart Home Monitor problem

This problem is intermittent.

Sometimes when I am in the vicinity of the home coming back from it (geofence?), SmartThings (ST) detects my Android phone and will DISARM Smart Home Monitor (SHM) via the I’m Back routine.

But sometimes, it will do this AFTER I have returned home and opened the door and therefore, “intrusion alert!”. Then a minute or so after, ST detects Android presence, but now it’s too late.

Is this just a problem I have to deal with and the nature of it?

Same for when leaving. I.e. 2 people have Android phone presence. Set for 10 minutes after leaving. If both are selected, I would assume the SHM wouldn’t ARM AWAY until BOTH people have left correct? Does SHM stay unarmed until the 2nd person has left?

Possibly, phone geolocation can go bad for a lot of reasons. There are a lot of threads about mobile presence since it’s a frequent problem. This is still a good one:

If you mean arming SHM from a routine, then yes you should be able to set the routine to trigger after both your phones leave. I don’t quite understand what you’re saying though. You mean it’s arming after only one person leaves?

Thank u Mark.

Yes, I guess what I mean or asking is if SHM is supposed to wait until the 2nd person leaves via presence before arming. I’d hate for the system to arm when 2nd person still home, open door and freak out by alarm. Just making sure, as it seems it would work how I assume as mentioned.