Android presence sensor issues

Recently my presence sensor on the Android device has become unreliable.

Smartthings can sense when at home and when away, so that is fine.

I have a routine to set the security status to ARMED when it detects that 2 devices are away (everyone leaves). I have another routine to set the security status to DISARMED when 1 device returns (someone returns).

The away and armed process works but the return doesn’t; the security status stays in ARMED mode. It does not switch to disarmed.

That is generating false intruder alarms and has led me to disable the return routine. This effectively makes the device useless as a security alerting device.

Anyone else facing this problem?

You’re saying that ST shows your presence properly, but just not disarming properly. Is that right?
If so what happens when you manually run the disarm routine. Does that work?

Yes that is correct. When I manually run the disarm routine it works
perfectly. It just won’t work when automated to run when one of the two
android devices return.

The system acknowledges the return of the devices.


Do the logs show the routine running when presence returned?
I’ve not seen or heard what you’ve described so far.

Normally people complain about the presence not working when relying on the app. There are plenty of threads where there are various alternatives from life360 to using wifi etc… All good stuff.

I’ve also heard about routines not arming or disarming the SHM.

But not a routine that works when run manually but not when people arrive when your presence is working properly. There should be no difference running a routine manually or when it is executed automatically when you presence is detected.

Have you checked your disarm routine’s “Someone Arrives” contains all of your presence sensors?

I have been having a look into this over the last week or so since my phone started to go ‘away’ a lot. Even increasing the area to 1 mile away it still leaves. Could happen at any point. It was fine with Android 6, but now I’m on 7, its poor.

Tried a number of tips from removing/re-adding my presence setting, clearing the cache of apps, clearing the cache partition, trying a couple of GPS apps that claim to prevent turning GPS off, changing the location services setting, and tweaking the power saving and data saving functions… none of it seems to have worked. Only thing I have yet to do is factory restore it which I am loathed to do. I don’t have that much free time as it is!

When it went away on ST, I cracked open Google Maps to see where it thinks it is… it seems to relocate itself many miles away from my home for no apparent reason, before quickly jumping back once it has GPS lock. No pattern as far as I can see. It seems to lock to my location fine as soon as I wake it up, or go into maps so its not through lack of GPS/wifi location data!

So tonight, I thought I would set up a presence based on ping instead… if it detects my phone via wifi ping, I’m here, otherwise I’m more than likely out… Set up a ping from my phone and told it never to switch wifi off, and after a few minutes my phone cant be found on the network!

To be fair to ST, I think this is a Android ‘issue’, where it prefers to try really hard to save your battery when its still and screen off!

I would be interested to know how you did this.
The past week me and my wife’s S6’s have been going ‘AWAY’ and coming back intermittently and it’s bacoming painful.
Even Life360 is playing up. The previous 6 months its been pretty solid.
Something must have happened to ‘improve’ the service somewhere!!!

I have not done it yet, and with the ping issue I wasn’t but I may have just found a fix:

I short, disable battery optimisation for “google connectivity services”. Seems to be working so far, not dropped off yet!

I wonder if this will solve the GPS issue as well… I can only hope!

I already have battery optimisation turned off. This did improve things 6 months ago.

@ddb2k’s problem is different. He’s saying his presence is working fine. His routine when manually run is also fine.
His routine is either not running it, or broken when it is run automatically when he arrives home.

In which case, I think there was a but where you need to set the minimum away time to less than 10 minutes?

I’ll check that and feed back. Thanks