Android Mobile Presence

Hi everyone.

Android mobile presence doesn’t work properly since I updated the android app last week. Every time I get back to house, the “smart security” app is triggered cause it think that I’m not home. I have play with the house geofence radius but It’s not working better. Do you have any idea?

Nexus 5 android 4.4.2


I have never gotten it to work on a Nexus 5. Seems to toggle present or not based on if the screen is on or not.

It was working perfectly on my nexus 5 before the last week android app update. I don’t know what to do with this bug. Maybe it will be fixed on the next update. i’ve sent an email to the support.

I’ll be at home and then my presence will be set to “away”. Often within a minute it is set back to “home”, but the flaky behavior makes it hard to use the mobile presence since I find myself having to go in and set my presence back to “home”. This defeats the purpose of automation.

This will be my first forum post, as I just picked up my SmartThings hub last week and am just starting to play around with it.

I’m a Nexus 5 user as well, and honestly I’ve had no problem with the app’s built-in presence detection. That said, I’ve switch over to using the Tasker Android app and the REST API to publish my presence information. Instead of my presence being determined by rough coordinates I can now set the specific conditions that trigger a presence change. For example: If my phone connects to my home Wifi SSID - set to “present”. It seems to be faster and more accurate than the native solution.

Tom, this is a good idea, I will take a look at tasker.