Android mobile presence device freaking out

Hey guys,

I’ve got 4 of these set up,  and each one also has a amartapp set up to text me when leaving or arriving. The app is a basic one from the ST catalog.

One of them, a DROID RAZR Max, decided to start switching back and forth between arrival and leaving every few minutes last night, sending me well over 100 Txt messages.  It continues to do it as I type this.

Funny thing is that the device hasn’t moved from my kitchen counter all night.

Any ideas on what is going on?

I would try expanding the size of your Geo-fence (considerably) to see if that fixes it. I had a similar problem and what was probably happening is that the geo-fence edge is very close to the WiFi edge so your phone fluctuates back and forth between leaving and arriving.

For whatever reason ST hasn’t figured out how to use mobile presence APIs in Android. I have several other apps that use geofencing and have never had an issue with them. I am on a development team at work for mobile so I have used every Android phone under the sun for testing and the vasts majority of them are worthless as ST presence detectors.

The only one I have found that works is the Nexus 4, and it actually works phenomenally well. The Nexus 5 however is worthless is mobile presence. The Galaxy S3 can also work but it seems to take several installations of the mobile presence for it to stick.


I’ve not changed the default size, which is quite large. I tried to change it a while back, but it kept on resetting back to default. I had a support ticket/email on that issue too.

It’s been fine for a few days, so it makes no sense why it just started.

I agree Cory. Thanks for the reply. 2 of my devices are Galaxy S4’s, and those seem to be working quite well so far.

I was quite worried about mobile presence when I upgraded from the Galaxy S4 to a Nexus 5. However I must report I have had very positive experiences so far with the Nexus 5. The mobile presence is quite accurate and has worked perfectly so far. I am running 4.4.2, not sure if this was something Google fixed with the latest software update?

I Have it running on 4 nexus 5s and It checks out almost every time the phone goes to sleep, and comes back when you turn the screen on (they are all on latest software). It’s interesting yours seem to be working fine. I wonder if it’s possible we are on different back end servers or something.