Away and Home presence settings seem to not be working

Hopefully this is in the correct location. Here is the scenario -

I have both my wife and I using presence and I have 2 scenarios setup that are Away and Home.

I have the options set that when both of us are out of the house more than 5 mins to set the system in Away mode and arm the sensors to report any open or close of the doors.

I also have it set so when either of us come home then the system goes into Home mode and turns off any sensors from reporting them closing or opening for the doors

Home seems to work as when I get near the house I get notified I’m home and the status has changed from Away to Home

However I leave for work at 415am and the wife leaves at 615am.

The issue is either the system does not detect one or the other leaving, or when it does notice we are both gone, it never changes to Away mode.

What the heck is going on with the issues with updates to the app, presence settings etc? Seems it works fine for a day or two and then things start working half ass. How can anyone rely on this when it appears to be at times nothing works right.

.David Mobile Presence Home ACTIVE 2 hours ago
.Lisa Mobile Presence Home ACTIVE 12 hours ago

.Lisa Last Activity At 2016-05-04 1:21 AM UTC

Well, Well… finally 40 mins later it figures out the wife has left and another 10 mins later it puts the device in away mode. Well it kind of works just slowly…

This happens to me pretty often. And while I’m home, smartthings think I left the house and immediately after I would arrive back home. This happens multiple times throughout the day…

ST mobile presence is a weak spot. If you search the forums, you will see all sorts of complaints, workarounds, etc.

Yep even at home it thinks someone is gone sometimes. I will say that the last 2 days its actually worked exactly as it should. Only one instance that it took about 20 mins to figure out everyone was gone.

Check out the thread below. The community has had to get creative to work around this platform weakness. Personally for my wife’s presence, I am using a combination of a Key Fob, her mobile presence and I had to hack the router with WW-DRT and some custom scripts and now I just setup a Rule Machine rule to basically take 2 out of the 3 presence options as the real presence. Sad but true.

Presence App

I’m also getting frustrated by this. I’m using the new app, latest hub, and can’t get my cameras to turn on when I’m away and turn off when I’m home. Presence detection simply doesn’t work with my iPhone.

No problems turning cameras on off manually though wherever I am.

You are replying to a post which is three years old and a lot has changed in that time. :sunglasses:

If you do have any questions about how presence works with the new V3 app, post in the following section:

OK but it would help to know whether this is me doing something wrong or whether it is an inherent problem.

Start your new thread and people will be happy to help you figure it out. There are a lot of different variables.