Android app - Things loadtime

What is everyone else experiencing in how long it takes to load the “things” list within the Android app?

I do not have device health enabled and it takes a good 10-15 seconds for my list of 100 things to load using a Google Pixel 2. Has anyone found any ways to speed up their load times?

I’ve noticed that it is Socratic. Sometimes it loads quickly, other times very slowly.

Mine takes about the same. A few updates ago I found it go pretty fast but a further app update (maybe 3-4 back) I found it got really slow again. Now even the dashboard with like 5 things takes a good 5 seconds to render.

I primarily use SharpTools for controlling my things when I need to. My main use is with Quick Settings Tiles from my notification shade and a few routines as widgets on my home screen. Then I open up the main SharpTools app (or use voice control through Alexa/Google Home) if I need to control individual devices that aren’t covered by the above.

Full disclosure, I’m the developer of SharpTools.

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Put devices into room. One of the reason why it takes so long is because the amount of devices need to be load so dividing them into rooms will reduce the loading time. Works great for me.

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I just discovered the quick settings tiles in the notification shade a few weeks ago, blew my mind!!

I never really thought much about them, but I built them based on feature request. After building them, I realized how convenient they are!

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Sorry - what are you referring to?

SharpTools provides an option to add actions to the notification shade via what Android calls “Quick Settings Tiles”. Here’s a few screenshots showing what it looks like in action.

In this first screenshot, you can see what it looks like when the notification shade is swiped down. If you had any notifications, they would normally show just below the date:

What’s nice about this is your top 6 or so quick settings tiles show up with a single swipe down from anywhere you are on your phone. You don’t have to leave the app, go to the homescreen, or anything. The actions are just right there and available to use. In this case, the message icon is a “Routine” which turns off all the lights in my house - I frequently use it before I go to sleep. The lightbulb icon is a “Thing” which in my case is turning off my bedside lamp.

In the next screenshot, you can see that if you swipe down again, the Settings area of the notification shade is expanded and you can access your top quick settings tiles immediately or swipe left and right through however many pages of tiles you’ve put together.

I usually put a few extra actions on the second page that I don’t use super frequently, but are still convenient to access without having to leave the app I’m in.


Mine usually fails to load once or twice before taking 20 seconds to finally load. Pixel 1.

Same here, same phone, same sluggish things load time, i timed a few times. Mines about 3 seconds, but it feels like 8-10. I’ve got at least 100 devices.

I updated the IOS mobile app a few days go, after not doing so for months.
Performance is noticeably worse with this version.

Wow, that’s fast. Mine can take several minutes at times. Or just fail to load.

I’m on the hub firmware beta though. It may have been slower before.

This function goes in and out with every release. Someone up above posted about a previous update and whether it was a mobile update or firmware, I can’t remember, but right after that upgrade in 2017, my Things loaded in half a second for like 3 days everytime and then it returned to the exact same slowness as it is now.

One reason I hardly ever use the app. I use AT instead from a convenience standpoint.

At least it’s cashing now used to load on every time you went to things

If you load it once, and then toggle through other tabs and back again, yes it’s cached and loads immediately. However, if you exit out and come back 5 minutes later it has to load again (15 to 25 seconds and the rare occasion, oops, we’re sorry)

[quote=“joshua_lyon, post:4, topic:116289, full:true”]
SharpTools…Quick Settings Tiles from …notification shade…[/quote]

OMG, this is great!
I did notice this in the menu sometime recently, but since I had no idea what it meant, and had no time to poke around, I just skipped over it.

I dare say this ‘feature’ alone is worthy of the praise that everything else in SharpTools gets.

i.e. Now I can be even lazier…I don’t even have to go to my homescreen to make anything happen…just pull it down, and click it. lol

How do we add more than just 3?

Also, is there a functional limit to how many we can/could/should have, or will x-number of them cause any sort of system-wide slowness or anything like that?

The limit is the developer has to define the Quick Settings Tiles in the manifest before they build their app. I’m using a bit of a workaround where I can define as many of them as are needed up front and then programmatically enable/disable them.

I started with 3 as a test, but I could add more. Would 10 be enough?



If I said, ‘No’, would that be annoying (I can hear it now… "Dude! What the h311 are you going to do with more than ten HA buttons on your notification drop-down screen?)?

Seriously though, ten would be fantastic! :slight_smile: …and (since these are WAY more handy than the built-in buttons) if I ever get any more than that, I’ll gladly take em.

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