Android app status

(Gray) #1

Does anyone have an update on the status of the Android app? I signed up for the beta release, and I had a discussion almost a month ago with a ST employee at the event in DC where he said that the app release was “days away.” I haven’t heard anything since then though…

(Cory S) #2

I haven’t heard anything. On another subject though I hope it’s not a simple port of the iOS app and they conform to Android holo app guidelines.


Nothing. I signed up for beta also but have not heard anything. I would have rather waited for the ST gadgets to come than have it sitting here while waiting for the app so I can use it.

(Cory S) #4

Yeah it’s odd they shipped to Android backers before fulfilling all the iOS ones, like the way they had mentioned they would do it. Might as well ship to iOS backers who can actually use it first.

(Gray) #5

The latest update on KS says they’re starting the beta release, but that it will be staged. So who knows when I will get access…

Has anyone seen the Android beta yet?


I saw that last night, waiting for an invite. I checked my spam folder also just in case, nothing yet though.

(Cory S) #7

I was old I’m near the top of the list (emailed them seconds after the beta update months back), nothing yet though.

(Formix) #8


(Cory S) #9

Nothin yet, maybe they are trying to tackle one last issue before it is put out into the wild.

(Gray) #10

It’s just odd that they said they were releasing it, but then didn’t really. Then again, I guess the whole process of the Android app has taken painfully long from the perspective of everyone involved.

(Cory S) #11

I really am starting to join the camp on why they didn’t make a web app first. A web app could had run great on mobile devices and would have 100% coverage. They could then take their time making really polished platform apps.

(Ingo) #12

Does the Android Beta actually exist? Or is it just smoke and mirrors?

(Jim L) #13
Does the Android Beta actually exist? Or is it just smoke and mirrors?

Why do you think it is smoke and mirrors? The biggest issue I would say is that smartthings has been guilty of is setting expectations a little too high on release dates.

I haven’t found anything they have done to be smoke and mirrors. But yes, I am on the Android Beta list and haven’t received the beta app yet. And I can’t wait for it because the only thing I have to use with smartthings besides my wife’s iphone is my iPad which is less than ideal.

(Eric Arney) #14

I really hope people will release the APK when it comes out. Android phones store the APK in a system type directory for more info click the link.

(Cory S) #15

I hope people do not. They are staging this out for a reason. We don’t know what their backend looks like. They may be running separate Android servers that are not production ready and flooding them with a ton of unauthorized traffic would help no one.

(Gray) #16

I just got an e-mail inviting me to join a team on TestFlight as a tester, but after I joined and went through all of the hoops to download and install that app…it says I don’t have access to any apps through that team. Huh.

(Cory S) #17

I just got the same. Looks like they need to upload the apk to the beta testing app, or enable our accounts to access it.

(Gray) #18

I like that TestFlight hasn’t bothered to update their documentation to reflect that they have an Android app. It says throughout that you absolutely have to access their site through Safari.

Kind of interesting to be accessing a private beta app through an app that is itself a private beta…

(Cory S) #19

I find it strange they are using TestFlight at tall. Google has an official Beta program on the Play Store. granted it’s just a few weeks since it was announced, but it works very well.

(Cory S) #20

The TestFlight app is also running painfully slow, usually timing out.