SmartThings Android Beta (sign up here)

Hi everyone,

As some of you may know, we’re in the middle of beta testing our exciting new Android app. We have well over 1000 people who’ve requested access to beta tests, so it’s tricky for us to get everybody in at once. That said, we very much value the Build community and everyone here, and we want to have more of you involved in the current Android beta. If you’re an Android user and you’re interested in participating, even if you’ve already signed up at, please post your email address in this topic email and we’ll get you set up with the beta app. Thanks, and enjoy!

All the best,

SmartThings Beta Team

I hope everyone who posts their e-mail addresses here have a good spam filter :slight_smile:

Re: spam, feel free to just send an email to noting that you’re from Build and requesting access to the Android beta instead. Everyone who’s posted so far is already accounted for. Thanks!

Emails have been collected and removed to protect the innocent. Please send your interest to as noted by Alex.

How long before we here back on whether we are going to receive the android beta???

about 5 minutes ago I heard back…

Everyone who emails me will be added soon.

I got the email from TestFlight and installed yesterday. Should the builds be available immediately?

Mine is not available either. I asume we wait.

Where should we report bugs with the Android beta?

EMailed a few days ago. No reply yet :frowning:

How does one report bugs? The Testflight app doesn’t seem to have that builtin?

In the email I received from Alex, there was a link to forums at

You can always use too