Any news coming soon?

(Morgan) #1

Are there any announcements on when the Hub 2 is coming out? Any new versions of the iOS or Android app to improve the speed of the apps?

Is there any type of roadmap available? I know I had asked about this in Nov/Dec timeframe and @Ben had said something that there was an idea to be more transparent moving forward, but is there anything right now? Any news?

The reliability of the platform has not been great in the last few weeks, it would be nice to know that something might change relativity soon?


I’m also very curious and concerned as well. Hear lots of things but don’t see much happening.

(April Wong) #3

1.7.0 just got released for Android.
We post platform releases under announcement > release notes. We often share roadmaps on developer discussion. Just announced on wednesday night is developer platform team will be sharing the map, and even Dora Hsu will be there.
Hub v2 is coming out when it’s ready.


My new answer is: Hub v2 (or anything we do) will be ready when it is done.

This is not being glib. We want to make the product and experience great and won’t release until it is. In the end, no one will remember (or maybe a few of you will) a missed deadline (even of months and months), but everyone will remember a bad first experience.

(Morgan) #4


Ok,so the people currently looking at getting a ST hub or trying to decide to wait for v2 or not, should just get a hub when v2 is done.

I develop software for a living, and I understand missing deadlines but giving my customers the answer (it will be ready when it is done.) wouldn’t work for my enterprise customers. Shipping is a feature of products, not just the features that are available in them.

I don’t mind a very conservative far out deadline, and then redefining what features are even in the hub v2 to make sure you hit the shipping date. People won’t be upset if you just say, hub v2 only has limited local capability and don’t worry about rules or improved app performance until a future update.

I love the ST platform and the openness of it, a very disappointing response in my opinion.

(April Wong) #5

@thrash99er -

The hub v2, is in beta right now. The reason we have pushed it back is to minimize the aches for v1 owners and to test it in a ton of different environments before it’s out. We’ve sneaked peaked it before at a developer discussion in the past, and so we did again, yesterday. I personally just got my hub to beta test last night. Is it far behind on launch? Probably not. We’re rather do it right, then try to make the April deadline that we once speculated for it to come. I think it’s safe to say, most people would like a better experience out the box, than it being half baked. We understand that, so we’re doing our best to iron out and test them in our own environments before releasing it out to the public. :slight_smile:

(Morgan) #6

@April That is great. That is even MORE information that I’ve seen. I’m not able to listen to the developer discussions because they are moved to the evenings now, but I didn’t even know if it was in Beta, or Alpha, anything. From the information out there, it could still be sitting on a design document.

Even Apple, it is know when iOS goes out beta 1, 2, etc RC 1 etc, so people have an idea. “ready when it is done is no information at all.”

I don’t mind even being wrong w/ release dates, “we are targeting late April, but we have aren’t likely to make it because we are working on backwards capability for v1 owners.” but any type of information will help.

I’m just hoping for information and some idea of what is moving forward w/ the platform. Maybe, I’m looking for the information in the wrong place.