Android Beta Looking Good

(Todd Wackford) #1

I just wanted to let you all know that the upcoming release for Android is looking sweet! Been doing a little beta-testing today and I’m crash-free so far…

It’s still missing preferences for devices but, Multi-Page install for apps is killer. Twice as fast as iOS.

Congrats to the ST gang!


(Hubert Simon) #2

Cool to hear! Can’t wait to have a chance to test it myself!

(Stickstickly) #3

So…how do i get in on the beta? I signed up on the beta testing page but have not heard anything.

(Im Brian) #4

I want beta, too :frowning:


I agree with twack. The latest beta fixed several issues, is faster, and looks really nice. ST is putting a lot of effort behind the new Android version, and I think folks will be happy.

(Huntb) #6

+1 there are definitely some small bugs but it is looking very good

(Cory S) #7

I have mixed feelings about it. It really kills me to see bugs still present from since the android app came out. Sure, this is a feature push, not a bug squasher update…but why is it so hard to fix devices updating their status from within the app? They don’t even agree on their status from the things page, as opposed to drill down into settings of the device. Why is it still the only Android app I have used that cant get geofencing to work? It has also lost features, like the device log viewer, even Hello home doesn’t have date or times.

On a postive note, the app load time has been significantly reduced.

(Chrisb) #8

My Beta invitation seems to have gotten lost in the mail. :frowning:

Actually I don’t know if I signed up in time or not… anyway, don’t have the Beta, so let me ask a question of those of you who do:

I know that the dashboard includes some built in things like easy scheduling to lights and more. Does it have any built in ability to schedule on/off by time AND day of week? For example, maybe turning on an outlet to start the coffee maker on weekdays only, or turn on a night light at 8:30 on school nights, but turn it on at 9:00 on non-school nights.

I’m working on a Smart App that would provide this ability but don’t want to spend too much time on it if the new app give this ability by default.

(Cory S) #9

Yes it does Chris!

(Cory S) #10


(Andrew Urman) #11

@twack you tattle tale!

(Chrisb) #12
Yes it does Chris!

Dang… now I really want to get my hands on the Beta.

(Hubert Simon) #13

Me too me too! Please! :slight_smile:

(Brianf2) #14

Getting in on the beta would be nice. I have been using the IOS version on my daughter’s iPhone 5s and on my iPad. I want to have the new version on my Galaxy. How can I get in on the beta as well?

(Tim Slagle) #15

Android update coming soon?

Would love to get in on it. I am a software developer during the day and would love to give some input.

(Ingo) #16

Woohoo! After only 9 months of waiting, I was finally approved to be on the Android beta. Just in time for TestFlight to be shutdown, of course.

There’s still no actual SmartThings Beta available for me on TestFlight, either.

So, what’s the plan for the Beta going forward?

Are you going to move into the Google way of doing Android Betas?

(65fastback2) #17

When does it go live?

(M203) #18

Bumping this. Would like to be a part of the beta. I have really good experience from Google play beta system together with a G+ community regarding other beta programs.

(Mcvoss) #19

They closed the beta, all releases are now done through Google Play.