Android 2.3.5 - Release Notes

With many bug fixes this release of SmartThings Android is bound to make your SmartThing experience better. Specifically we focused on scenarios that make the app crash. SmartThings Mobile should now be more resilient to your everyday use. Not only did we make the app more resilient but we made it look better too! Here are some more detailed changes that we think you will like:

  • Removes the request for Contact permission.
  • Many Device Tile user experience fixes.
  • Fix for crash when clicking on device tiles.
  • Fix for crash when asking for camera permission.
  • Fix for crash when clicking on the “Add a thing” tip.
  • Many UI Improvements
  • Lot’s of backend improvements to better manage memory usage on phones.

Are we there yet? lol

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the anticipation builds…

DUH DUH DUUUUUUUHHHHH (low, deep music begins)

@johnconstantelo I dare you!

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WHAAAAAA not available for me yet…


I’m sure it would make the experience better if it hadn’t crashed 5 times already since I updated. Completely randomly even. I’ll clear cache in the morning and test again, but right now…1 star!

Why are all icons white and on a white background in Marketplace, except for the two items (one in each sub tab) starting with ‘Samsung…’?
Only when I press and hold the list items, I see their icons as the list item slowly turns grey.

Here too on an S7 with Android 7. I had no crashes prior to this update and right after it seemed to be crashing a few times. Screen went all white and then closed on me. No issues before this update though. We’ll see…

Both my SG5 and Moto G5p are crashing constantly. App is basically unusable. Removed and reinstalled, cleared cache, same thing. Flashbacks!!!

Motorola z Force here. Installed update last night and was on for about 6 hours straight and didn’t experience a single issue with crashing or any other nuances. Quite frankly I don’t see any visual changes worth writing home about with the exception of maybe all my device handlers being updated with the same blue / white color effects, but knock on wood, I’m not crashing like others or worse the IOS issues.
Version = 2.3.5
Build = 212505


Did you power off/on phone?

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But of course! :slight_smile:


New app is draining battery like mad.


No issues on my Moto Z Play. Is your battery reporting that the SmartThings app is draining it?

Yes. Currently the app is the highest drain on battery. This is pretty stupid. Too bad they don’t test this stuff.


My phone auto-updated last night (Droid Turbo 2). No issues with the app crashing, but battery drain is much higher than normal. Halfway through the day and ST is showing 5% battery usage. I opened it once this morning and explored for 2-3 minutes to see what changed and haven’t touched since then.

Same here - phone got its battery wiped out by ST, so then I charged it fully - 1hr on battery and 28% used by ST alone.

I’m loving ST, but this is quite worrying! Any chance we can roll back until there’s a solution?


I haven’t rebooted since yesterday prior to installing the update and haven’t restarted phone or app yet and my battery % for smartthings is at 1% and I was using it heavily last night for many hours looking through everything and updating custom DTH’s to match the color of all the blue and white for consistency and up to this minute, still no issues. Guess I’m one of the few fortunate ones so far. I thought one of the fixes implemented was supposed to be less battery drain.

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