Android 2.2.2 - Release Notes

I have both IOS and Android apps. Only broken on Android 2.2.2 app as it works before the app upgrade. Maybe a difficult one to diagnose if support will not help us due to CoRE being a community app and @ady624 only using IOS!

@bamarayne are you okay? I recall you being an android user.

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@slagle I was able to reproduce the error on Android with Smart Lightning too. Do this: create a new instance in SL and under more options just pick an end time without start time. Then click done! Enjoy the new bug.


Yes, but only during the same app session. i.e. Once the app is fully closed or the phone is rebooted, it revents back to ‘Things’ as the default/first tab.

p.s. I’m on Android.

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I just rebooted (Note 5) and got into the ST app right where it left off, which in my case was Rooms. I have also fully closed, forced closed, and killed it in the background and it still came back to where I left off.

But - If I clear the app’s cache and clear data which forces me to log back into the app, then I get Smart Home Monitor as the landing page after logging back in, and then Things when going to My Home.

Formatting issues again with this version the first time a device opens. Exit back to the Room or Things and go back to the device and everything is happy again.

This is all I get too, I posted a reply under Milestone RC CoRE a few moments ago.
This is all I get when trying to edit a Pistons things or actions.

It appears the Ring doorbells are now supported. Has anyone been able to get these devices to work. The authorization screen doesn’t give me the button to approve the connection with SmartThings.

I have both, but primarily android… I’m checking my iPhone 6s now…

Ios10 is working just fine. This is an android bug.


Why is Sonos not under “Speakers” in the marketplace? Is this a hint? Does SmartThings plan on continuing to support Sonos? …or has it been moved because they compete with the Samsung speakers?

Some users have been able to authenticate their Ring connection. You can read more on this in the following post:

They moved it a while ago under the newly created labs categ. Sonos, d-link have always been labs products.

Thanks!!! Temporarily changing my font size to tiny allowed me to see the authorization button.:smirk:

What does “labs products” mean?

Basically not stable enough to be officially supported…aka …beta


it’s not necessarily a bug in the ST app though.

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When is the sms coming back online?

@ady624 only this one line when creating a new piston and selecting the new conditions capability.

8:44:20 PM: error java.util.concurrent.Timeo...[TRUNCATED]

Hub, 16.7
Latest CoRE
Android tablet.
Latest ST app (today)

iOS works fine.

I should mention that it wasn’t anywhere close to 20 seconds for timeout. More like 3 seconds.

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I also cannot edit the “Alert with lights” selection in SHM with the new app. It’s not just CoRE that’s broken with the new app.


I’m getting the same thing with Thayers Lock Manager Smart app since the update. Very unhappy please don’t force this update on us until we know whats going on. I totally rely on this particular App for my lock security and this has all but stopped it cold…old version of the App works fine but fear my tablet will get the update next…