Android 2.5.0 - Release Notes

Today we released a new version of Android 2.5.0 that just fixes a few bugs we have seen from the recent release

  • New SmartThings branding! Check out our new streamlined logo.
  • Personalize your dashboard. You can now use a custom image for your dashboard wallpaper.
  • We have a new widget. Add the 1x1 widget for executing Routines.
  • Many more bug fixes and improvements.

Any improvements on the presence issues? Thanks.

Hey @EricBergan,

We’re actively monitoring mobile presence; if you do run into any issues please forward your logs to us!

Already have. Support request 390500

                                                                                                             Eric Bergan

Wow. That was quick. Not available for me yet.

Thanks Eric. This support ticket was with 2.4.1. When you get Android 2.5.0, please give it a couple days and let us know if you’re still seeing mobile presence issues.

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I sent the logs in last Friday.

                                                                                                             Eric Bergan

Anyone tried putting a widget on their Android yet?
I go into widgets and can see the ST ones. 1x1 and a 2x2.
Tried putting on the 1x1 and when I release it in the position I want it, it opens. When I close it down it is not there.

Looks like you have to selct your location and then which routine you would like the widget button for. After that it will stay, atleast on my S5 it does.

Enjoying the new 1x1 widget however I would love to be able to place them inside a folder to keep things neater, is that possible?

Unfortunately, that’s an OS limitation. We have no control over that ability for placement.

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Thanks for the response! Yea a widget definitely not but Android 7.1 introduced home screen shortcuts, that may work in this instance :slight_smile:

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If you are looking for shortcuts that you can place in folders, SharpTools has shortcuts for SmartThings Routines, Modes, and Things.


I’m having an issue where the Things page is not updating when I turn a light on/off. If a light is on, I turn it off, the light goes off but the status still shows as on. If I go into the light, it shows as off, back to the Things menu and it still shows as on

Switch back and forth a couple times and it finally updates



Hi Rick, good update, but you have add a + at the top right of the “my home/things” to add things.
We already have it at the end of the list of things.
I was thinking you add a preference icon to manage things order and the ability to hide things to clear the screen and the list. :sunglasses:
No issue for me with the presence sensor. Good job

An other question, a beta program exist? And how I can participate

Sadly, CoRE still doesn’t work so I still have to back-date the app anytime I want to make changes or pause pistons.
I really have to get to WebCoRE I guess.

Core is working fine on 2.5.0. Check that you have it up to date in your IDE. Try adding a new instance of core and test if pistons work inside of it

I noticed that the Android version of the app still does not support rotating the video feed from a Samsung camera.

The iOS app does this just fine, and the Android app also did in the past, but since a few versions back it stopped working.

(reproduce: start video feed -> hit fullscreen button -> rotate phone to landscape -> video does not rotate.)

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Looks like the 1x1 widgets are only for single use. I set it up for Good night ,last night presses it and it worked as expected. Then it disappeared, just became a plane white circle. Tried it again with Good-bye this morning and same thing. Good bye fired and then widget turned to blank circle and I needed to remove and then install widget again to get it back.
Note the empty white circle top right where Good night used to be