Android 2.0.8 - Release Notes - 1/26/2016

I used to use that DH and I loved it. But when I reset my entire system a couple of weeks ago it would no longer work with my thermostats. I have two Honeywell 8320 Zwave thermostats.

So now I use the “better thermostats” DH.

I installed that DH to check it out and yes, it’s AFU just like in post #9.

But everything of mine is looking good.

Guess I’m lucky.

I will have to second that concerning the red bar of death. So far so good on that one.

And it may or may not be related but my lone Zigbee contact switch now seems to be working and reporting to the hub AND to the app as it should. Previously I would get different settings from the hub (IDE) than what the app was showing.

It’s actually set to small. It was ok before the update so I am pretty sure it’s not my phone. The bright side about this update is when you close the app and open it up again. It goes to the default SHM page.

ValueTile now crashes the app 100% of the time if you set a height greater then 6, didn’t crash in 2.07 and prior.

still getting network issues / red bar at top when going into marketplace.

We still need the submitOnChange: true bug fixed. It’s trashing Rule Machine on Android.


This leaves A LOT to the imagination… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

On Samsung Note 5 of all brands!


Looks fine on my phone as well as my wife’s galaxy s6. You sure you haven’t enabled old man mode (aka large fonts)?

You can check this at Settings - Display - Font

The beauty of Android can also be it’s greatest enemy.

[quote=“david.mccrindle, post:49, topic:37323”]
This will be fixed in an upcoming release. We have a bunch of design updates rolling out soon that will address issues like this. [/quote]
Thank you for the response. I appreciate it, and look forward to the update(s).

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In all fairness I do think I have old man fonts on :sunglasses: But, it wasn’t like this before! The resolution on the Note requires it for me. From the posts it seems they have lost the font scaleabilty.

Actually the SmartA… screen is probably appropriate.

While we are once again able to rearrange items within rooms, one step backwards is the fact that if you click done on a scrollable page it takes you back to the top, instead of back to the section you just updated. C’mon guys, why everything must be one step forward two backwards?

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That is what it seems like to me. Just to make sure, I checked the font size on my phone and it was set to normal. Thinking that it might straighten things out, I changed the font size to small and it actually made more things shift out of place.

I have noticed this only in the tiles that for Device Handlers though and it is much more prevalent when when you use “scale:2” to take advantage of the 6x layout and are using the 1x1 tiles (although it is not limited to that).

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In all honestly, this feels like the way SmartThings has been since the Samsung acquisition. Not sure if there has been change in leadership, a lack or caring or just a plain inability. Either way things are in general getting worse and not better. Leadership over at ST really needs to wake up and fix these issues before this platform becomes yet another failed Samsung venture. I’m sure someone from ST will chime in an say how they have ‘plans to fix this’ but I absolutely doubt it will ever happen. There are known issues and bugs that have been open for upwards of a year with numerous unfulfilled promises. Yet they continue to move forward, adding features and changing the design all while introducing even more instability or removing working functionality for no apparent reason (Dashboard). It’s really starting to feel like there is no oversight and Developers are free to do whatever they want regardless of the implications. My patience and understanding is really starting to wear thin (as it is for a lot of people, just read some of the hundreds of recent posts). Most of the issues so far have been rookie mistakes that either should be caught by QA or more importantly - shouldn’t happen at all.


I’m sure they just disabled it, so we just don’t know there are background problems…

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You can blow up your font spacing and readability with Large fonts selected on your device, it is your choice to make them large, thus you must deal with drawbacks…



True, but with “normal” selected there are still tiles within the devices that have values and labels misplaced with this update. They do not scale to the tile like they used to. Before the update if I had a label such as “Heating Stage 2” then it would scale the font down so that it was all on one line. With the update it no longer scales the font down, but wraps it around to a new line.

The same thing with numbers. For instance - " 27% " (with spaces before and after) would scale the font down so that the edges of the numbers would not meet the edges of the circle it was contained in. Now, it will start a new line after the first space and put “27%” on a new line, thus placing it below the containing circle.

When we reach the Death Valley bottom, then we can hope things will change. I don’t think ST has reached the lowest point yet!


This doesn’t happen with any other app on my phone. So why to I have to “deal with the drawbacks” of selecting a slightly larger font on my phone with a tiny screen so I can read easier. I see no reason to defend this error, previous versions of the ST app worked, all my other apps work, I refuse to make excuses for the terrible job the developers are doing lately.

Your example looks fine to me, the other examples provided above are of tiles that used to work and now don’t.

So you are saying there is no chance for improvement until this thing becomes it’s absolute worst and there is no place to go but up ? That is just sad. I am not saying I don’t agree that we are definitely still on a downward trend but I hope the curve changes soon. Wait hope is the wrong word, I lost hope months ago, I wish…no that’s not quite it either…whatever


No excuses from me… they should be able to lock the font size vs allowing general user preferences to affect it or have their own font setting.

How does the sample I sent look good? “Family Room Ri…” “Kitchen Table D…”

As for “Lately”? When have they ever put anything on the street without it blowing something up, Samsung Leadership needs to resolve and take action, it’s always been sad; the system with the most potential just continues to find ways to get worse.

As for it not affecting other apps, mine does, you might need to look more closely (try the smallest and the largest settings and I’m sure you’ll see an app look bad). It’s so bad on some that I have resorted back to just using normal and fighting to read text and emails…

Well not good :slight_smile: but better than

P: 70


I feel like when I started there were issues, I would contact ST support and they would fix in next release (took a while but got done), now I find they are not responding to any support requests, they are not fixing well known issues, they are releasing changes which make things worse with little to no improvement. So for me it seems to be getting worse “lately”

I have my font set to “Large” which is one tick higher than Normal (there are two higher settings) and I have no other apps that I can see issues based on font size. I really can’t name one app were I have had this issue other than Smart Things