Android 2.0.7 broken

Interestingly ST moderators closed the Android 2.0.7 release thread so I’m starting one here to tag bugs I’ve found.
2.0.6 is infinitely better than 2.0.7, this is a regression release.

Things broken so far:
.1. multiAttributeTiles for type thermostat cause a ? in the display (regression bug, worked fine in 2.0.6)
.2. hidden and hideable section attributes do not work

Here’s a two new ones I found today:
.3. Using the “range” attribute in a input causes the ST app to crash for decimal inputs

input “threshold”, “decimal”, title: “Temperature swing threshold”, defaultValue: “1.0”, range: “0.5…5.0”, required: true

This will crash on Android 2.0.7

.4. SECONDARY_CONTROL does not work for multiAttributeTile for type generic (worked fine with 2.0.6)

@slagle @jody.albritton FYI please, don’t know who looking after the Android release but he/she probably needs a lot of help

@pstuart @tgauchat feel free to add anything else you guys may have seen


–dynamic page submitOnChange is not honored for numeric and text inputs (possibly others as well), enum and device selections work as expected (this has never worked to my knowledge)
–inputs of device.deviceTypeName produce an empty selection set, this worked prior to 2.0.5 If I remember.
–Range appears to work correctly for integers


I can’t even begin to list the errors because I am not sure what they are. All I know is that this release is the absolute worst since I obtained ST 15 months ago. It seems every page I get the dreaded “An unexpected error occurred…” or some error. I am at the point now where this version is almost unusable.


I’m also seeing the “Unexpected error occurred” message frequently.

I am still on 2.0.6 and for the past few days have seen the Unexpected Error popping up. When I was running on 2.0.7 the errors seemed more prevalent. When 2.0.7 first came out there were a lot off these errors and that is why i went back to 2.0.6 but still had the errors, just not as much. Then a week later everything cleared up. Now the past 5 days they are popping back up again. Whatever it causing it, it is not directly caused by the latest version.

I am gathering all of these issues in zendesk. If you have not submitted a ticket, please do so.

Issues I am tracking

  • submitOnChange
  • multiAttributeTile SECONDARY_CONTROL
  • Thermostat type
  • Unexpected Error

Thank you all for your feedback and patience.

Also hideable and hidden attribute in section for SmartApps doesn’t work on 2.0.7