Android 2.0.8 messed up my tiles, any tips to fix?


Having made the mistake of updating to Android 2.0.8 I now have messed up tiles. But I have several tiles in my custom device code for my ZXT-120 devices which have made the tiles useless.

I have a tile which reports that last poll but it is blocked by a configure icon I didn’t even include in the tile.

The code for the tile is

    // Last Poll Tile
    valueTile("lastPoll", "device.lastPoll", inactiveLabel: false, decoration: "flat") {
        state "lastPoll", label:'${currentValue}', unit:""

But this is how it displays (see box highlighted in red box.

The tile above it Has a “Refresh” icon I also didn’t code.
The code for the heat and cool buttons are identical but the cool displays a refresh icon for some weird reason.
(see tile highlighted in Yellow Box and the tile above it which is normal but coded the same).
The Code for these tiles looks like this

    // Heat/Cool Settings and Sliders
    valueTile("heatingSetpoint", "device.heatingSetpoint", inactiveLabel: false, decoration: "flat") {
        state "heatingSetpoint", label:'${currentValue}° heat', unit:"F", backgroundColor:"#ffffff"
    controlTile("heatSliderControl", "device.heatingSetpoint", "slider", height: 1, width: 2, inactiveLabel: false, range:"(67..84)") {
        state "setHeatingSetpoint", action:"thermostat.setHeatingSetpoint", backgroundColor: "#d04e00"
    valueTile("coolingSetpoint", "device.coolingSetpoint", inactiveLabel: false, decoration: "flat") {
        state "coolingSetpoint", label:'${currentValue}° cool', unit:"F", backgroundColor:"#ffffff"
    controlTile("coolSliderControl", "device.coolingSetpoint", "slider", height: 1, width: 2, inactiveLabel: false, range:"(67..84)") {
        state "setCoolingSetpoint", action:"thermostat.setCoolingSetpoint", backgroundColor: "#1e9cbb"

BTW: Anyone have the 2.0.7 APK I think I want my OLD BUGS BACK !
I have a backup of the 2.0.3 APK which I just reverted to but I would like 2.0.7 that was working find for me (Wish I backed that one up !)


What the Heck, If I scroll up/down I get the following…This is nuts

It looked right once, then I scrolled up and down and had the following crazy results.

There is no way my code is doing this !!!

Tiles on Top doing it also

If your phone is rooted, you can reduce the DPI setting for SmartThings. I did that, and 2.0.8 is now “tolerable.” I also have a backup copy of the 2.0.7 .apk, so that’s an option if you want to sideload and revert back.

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@Mr_Lucky yes please may I have apk. Message me please.

Not rooted, how does dpi keep the app from messing up the icons as displayed ?

@Ron - I was out last night, so just seeing your reply now. PM sent.

Re the DPI, the problem seems to be that ST changed the scaling algorithm - it’s not broken, just… different. Reducing DPI makes everything smaller, so it fits. If any of your screwed up tiles are using labels (vs. the text being part of the icon image), you can also try adding a ‘space’ character before & after the text label in the device handler (e.g., ‘text’ to ’ text ').

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also changing tiles from standard to value tiles fix much of it… as standard tiles appear on the bottom with not much room for wrapping while text on value tiles goes in the center.


I opened a ticket on this explaining the issue and asking support if they could send me the 2.0.7 apk while I waited for the fix.

They replied that they are not able to provide old version apk files because they do not have access to them and then closed the ticket. So I am guessing fixing this will not likely happen.

It’s definitely broken. On one of my apps icons are displaying in tiles that don’t have icons defined. That isn’t different, that is just plain wrong! :slightly_smiling:

Yes stuff below the fold also is Ffd up. Wrong icons colors not working and text on top of other Text…so definartely more than dpi. I have the 2.0.7 android if you want a copy

Really, having icons that are not defined for tiles display randomly as detailed in my pictures above is not broken ? Sorry but I do not agree at all. Every time I scroll in 2.0.8 I am greeted with a new random view. Most of them unusable since I can’t read the text with the incorrect icons layered over the intended text.

@slagle this makes me wonder, when I reported this issue I also asked for the apk for 2.0.7. My ticket was closed stating that the apk wasn’t available. But the issue was not addressed. Do I need to create another ticket or are the developers aware of this issue ?

Ummm, I wasn’t the one that said that. I was quoting @Mr_Lucky. I was agreeing with you that it is broken! And my app is also broken. I plan to report it and will also reference your ticket to reinforce!

In case anyone wants to track or lump together tickets on this issue. I’ve opened support request #187861.

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My bad ! Not sure how I mis-read that :blush:

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Completely unrelated to the messed up tiles, but based on those slider ranges I’m guessing you don’t support Celsius for your thermostat app?

I asked for a dynamic slider but of course ST doesn’t support it. So if you want Celsius you need to edit the code in only two places. You just need to change the default range of the two sliders. The rest of the code for this device type is coded to support Celsius. It’s an easy adjustment but unfortunate that ST doesn’t support more dynamic tile adjustments. I may try to change this code to the new tile which has the circular slider like used for dimmers but have not had a chance to investigate this tile.

Yeah, I have the same problem on my Ecobee implementation. I just opted for a wider range for now until something more dynamic appears…

I wrote the custom device mostly for myself so I preferred a hard coded fahrenheit :slight_smile:

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Is this ever going to be fixed? I have been waiting and waiting, but my SmartStrip device handler is still affected by this. Seems like device handlers with a lot of tiles right?

It’s better than it was but see the following video? The “OUTLET1” Line is not centered. Switch4 is actually on, but it is showing off. If I turn off the screen and turn it back on then the page refreshes and looks correct.

Does the SmartThings team even know about this problem?

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