Android 2.0.4 Available on Play

Continuing the discussion from Android 2.0.4 - Release Notes - 10/30/2015:

For those who are anxiously awaiting this update, check the app in your Play, don’t wait for it to be flagged as needing an update. For some reason it doesn’t show up on Play’s main page (or at least not on my phone)

Nothing on Main page needs to be updated…

But the up shows update available…

This pains me. Glad they are stabilizing it, but dangit they have a lot of features missing they need to start adding back.

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What a major disappointment there are no words to describe it.

  1. still no multi users
  2. still hanging constantly for me on sgs 5 on android 5.0 even after removal and clean install!
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The app still crashes after using for more than a few seconds.

Also noticing that if you close/minimize the app and reopen it - it opens to the dashboard where it used to open to the last screen used.

Did they ever say it was tested for Android 5?

What do you mean? Any update is just an updateSmartThings has not promised a date for when any particular new feature will be (re)-added or bug fixed, right?

(Oh… actually, they did promise a migration tool “by the end of the year”.)


android 5 is old 5.2 and 6 are already out

Fair enough… Just because a version is old, doesn’t mean its supported… that being said, I use 5.1 and have no problems, its my bad, I misread your version numbers.

multi user works fine for me, just signed into both phones on the same account and set a presence device for each phone.

that’s not mult-user what we mean by multi-user is the option to add other users under your account which I believe was promised the next release of the app since the backend changes were supposedly completed and we were waiting for the new app

And still waiting despite the Android update this is getting old real fast and will have grey hair by the time it is production.

True, but was led to believe that since the backend was completed and were waiting on an update for android, yet when it arrive no parade. (just blowing off some steam) i guess it is back to the waiting game. Alot of experience in this area after 8 year in the army

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Just so it is here as well:

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I don’t really see a difference with the new app, but at least it’s no worse. Wait… did the old app show current Mode in My Home, like I’m seeing now? I don’t remember.

I do see a much improved stability. The app doesn’t crash as much when you add apps or change settings. The mode was there before. The illuminance is now available for Android under Smart Lightning. Pretty happy camper here so far… And my motion lighting is back after reinstalling the apps. Just changing something and saving didn’t work for me.

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App is twice as stable as before (yay) but still half as stable as it should be. Still crashing, but more responsive and less crashes.


Agree. But I cringe every time is crashing because last week it seemed to be the cause of my problems.

At least this is pretty much a known issue in iOS. Force killing and reopening the app fixes that temporarily. Have a ticket open.

App still black screens for me. And maybe unrelated all my ZigBee devices would not respond after installing the app until I rebooted the hub.