And that's it. Abandon Ship: Samsung announces new IoT platform

My predictions:

  • NO upgrade or transition path from SmartThings.
  • Cloud based.
  • Samsung TVs act as hub.
  • Less flexibility than ST.
  • Support worse, primarily offshore.
  • I’ll go 50/50 on a monthly fee prediction.

Any posts from me here from now on are going to focus on how to de-ST my setup.

Speaking of, I’d love to hear from anyone who has GE LINK bulbs working with their Hue Bridge.

That article is pure speculation on the part of the journalist whose source was the the schedule for the Samsung Developer Conference. Here is the schedule so that everyone has the same context.


What makes you think this isn’t SmartThings based? My bet is that SmartThings is at the heart of this plan.


So Mr. Staff, can I take that as an Official Assurance that the ST cloud won’t be STcanned 2 years from now?

If you look at the schedule, you will see that SmartThings has a very large presence at the Samsung Conference. I think once the conference is underway, you will see that we are not just planning for the next two years but the next ten. We are still in the early days of the SmartHome.


Why such a sarcastic reply? He’s just providing more info, and his statements aren’t belligerent. You’ll never get that kind of assurance, and you shouldn’t expect it. A company’s strategy can change, and there’s never any assurances like that that can be given. Economic conditions, changes in technology, etc will all influence business decisions.


I bet a 6 pack of 40s and an extra large loaded pizza (virtual, of course) that while this will probably be named “SmartThings,” it won’t have anything to do with the platform that currently runs the hub. :sunglasses:

This, on the other hand, may fit right in.


Well, it is an OS for Devices, not a platform. So, it will most likely just power devices that can and probably will run on ST or SAMI or other IoT platforms.

As you know, HA IoT is the 1% of the whole IoT space. The real money is in commercial, industrial and agricultural applications of IoT devices.

I assume the “hub” will eventually just fade away as we just route this traffic to the internet and the cloud platform of your choice.

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Did you also see this presentation from the same conference?

Envisioning Tizen’s Future: The OS of Everything

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Yup, room for both. Looking forward to seeing the presentations, devices, OS’s and platforms. Should be a good conference to attend.


Totally agree. Rather weak article. The following line, in particular, is rather funny, though I guess it is hard to explain what a RTOS “is” vs … a non-RTOS?

The biggest advantage of the real time OS is that it executes commands instantly, with no delay whatsoever. The Mars Rover, for instance, runs on VxWorks, a real time OS crafted by Intel.

Well, real time os’s are a myth, but prioritized processing of commands optimized in symmetrical multi-core threading leads to near real time vs queuing cpu messaging SOCs.

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SmartThings is an IoT platform, not an RTOS. The announcement concerns an ‘RTOS’ primarily for Samsung’s ARTIK chipsets. Although not as complex as desktop or mobile operating systems, RTOS’es don’t appear overnight out of thin air. Based on the available information, I believe that the “new RTOS” is essentially a Tizen stripped out of its GUI. Anyway this announcement has nothing to do with SmartThings, IMHO.

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RTOS is a technical term that’s been around for a few years. Particularly “hard RTOS.” I agree the journalist should have explained it better. It’s not complicated.

RTOS means an operating system which is designed to operate with minimal buffering so that transactions are processed in a 10th of a second or less. The “hard” part mean the OS is guaranteed to perform to that level of speed, a soft RTOS hits averages which are good for most commercial applications, but not good enough for certain kinds of use cases, like controlling drilling equipment (or mars rovers).

A non-RTOS is any operating system that isn’t designed to those same precision targets. Which is most of them.

To hit the guarantee a lot of these are designed for system-on-a-chip deployments and frequently they’re limited to just a few specific transactions.

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I agree, and considering IoT is a huge space, and HA / SmartThings is only 1% of the total IoT applications…

However, there was and is nothing that suggests this is a replacement for SmartThings nor does it imply that this won’t work with SmartThings or even power or enable SmartThings in the future.

But still, Abandon ship… The sky is falling…

Now, I’m not going to abandon ship, will probably ride it to the bottom…

But have you looked around lately?

SHM… Apparently useless
Everything else… The dows seen to be getting longer than the short ups.

I’m just wondering… We haven’t had an actual real explanation of what’s going on, no real updates of any importance…

… What’s going on? Why should I and everyone else hang around here just to watch what we’ve built in our homes go down the drain?

I personally enjoy and love this platform. But I’m beginning very discouraged very quickly.

So, ST, what’s going on? Give us something real to hang on to, because it seems everything is floating away in the cloud.

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Why tag SmartTiles developer “Alex Malikov” (@625alex)?

Did you mean CEO Alex Hawkinson (@Alex) and/or CTO Jeff Hagins @hagins?

A priority inversion bug in the Mars Pathfinder software (based on VxWorks) almost killed that mission in 1997. :slight_smile:


This is what happens when the ‘community’ demands constant updates and were outraged when I said that was pointless. All we need is an initial post acknowledging the problem, an update if the situation changes and a final one when it is believed the situation has been resolved.

Instead the ‘outraged’ community demanded constant reassurance that the problem was being looked into and the result is meaningless updates. I stand by original point, tell me when there’s something new otherwise I don’t care and would rather efforts were concentrated elsewhere.


Thank you for wording it a lot better than I. Just so I’m clear though, I’m not saying the community doesn’t have a right to be outraged, I’m just voicing my opinion on the need for continual updates.

I have my opinions on the level of outrage but I’ve learnt that they are unpopular and it’s easier just to not say them in the first place :wink: