How about those new partnerships and devices?

So samsung /ST is partnering with ADT and Scout for pro monitoring service, plus adding new devices like TV’s; your frig; and BMW’s.
Call me crazy but this platform should be more stable before you introduce
police and fire into the mix.
My point of mentioning the new devices is that they are adding them without getting the old ones to work right. What’s the point of adding a frig to this thing? I guess It’ll be able to see the powers off and send me a notification, heck I can’t get the thing to tell me when my V1 hub is down.
TV’s already have a remote; point and click the button. I love tech stuff but really some of this stuff is just silly when they could hammering the code to fix this system. BMW, no idea what thats going to do, gas gauge maybe.
I got all these info from an email ST sent me.
Here’s my prediction for 2016, V1 is blamed for all the failures of the system and canned. V2.1 or V3 is ready for release by Oct, just in time for Christmas 2016.
Just giving my two cents on this ST stuff after dealing with a dozen crashes on the mobile app today trying to get it to do the simplest things.


I agree that the platform is not in the best shape for some of these integrations, especially the security companies.

We’ve heard from ST staff that there is a pretty strong push to stabilize the platform happening internally right now, though, so as long as that pans out relatively soon I think we’ll be in good shape.

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“right now” = for about 1.5 years: That’s how long SmartThing has been trying to “stabilize the platform”.

Sure … it’s a moving target, and perhaps they can do something to stop the target from moving around so much; but with the extra sales channels and alarm system integrations, etc., … that just makes the target move more not less.

So SmartThings has more resources … well, I hope they are prepared for some “mythical man months”.

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Sure. I’m just as cynical. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. :grimacing:

I suspect (with the standard caveat that this is just some schlub on the internet armchair quarterbacking an architecture he doesn’t have enough information about) that the low-level core pieces of the platform (scheduler, event brokers, etc.) aren’t affected directly by these integrations and can be rebuilt by a separate team without needing to account for ADT, Scout, etc.

Unannounced platform changes, on the other hand… those don’t help either but they’re a management issue not a technical issue.

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