Samsung IoT Operating System


Samsung IoT Operating System

I would like to know what this means for Smarthings. Either ST is the basis for it, or is the step child.

Everyone knows step children get second seat.

(Geko) #2

You may want to read this:

(Bobby) #3

SmartThings is definitely the basis. Did you see the new integration that’s coming? I cannot wait to change the modes when I unzip my jeans…

(Bobby) #4

Seriously though, this new os will be announced at the developer conference. Did you see how many speakers are from SmartThings? They are definitely the basis… btw @jody.albritton good luck with your presentation!

(Jody) #5

Thanks Bobby. It’s going to be fun. If you scroll through the list you can also see @slagle @Jim @unixbeast and many others from SmartThings. If you are in the Bay Area or can be, reach out to one of us for discounted tickets to SDC.

(Bruno) #6

Is that a joke??? IOT pants!!!

(Larry Larson) #7

Check out the date of that press release @Boston_B.

(Bruno) #8

Wow!!! With my luck every time I unzip my pants my front door would unlock.