Samsung IoT Operating System

Samsung IoT Operating System

I would like to know what this means for Smarthings. Either ST is the basis for it, or is the step child.

Everyone knows step children get second seat.

You may want to read this:

SmartThings is definitely the basis. Did you see the new integration that’s coming? I cannot wait to change the modes when I unzip my jeans…


Seriously though, this new os will be announced at the developer conference. Did you see how many speakers are from SmartThings? They are definitely the basis… btw @jody.albritton good luck with your presentation!


Thanks Bobby. It’s going to be fun. If you scroll through the list you can also see @slagle @Jim @unixbeast and many others from SmartThings. If you are in the Bay Area or can be, reach out to one of us for discounted tickets to SDC.


Is that a joke??? IOT pants!!!

Check out the date of that press release @Boston_B.

Wow!!! With my luck every time I unzip my pants my front door would unlock.