Amazon Spring Sale 20-March through 25 March. Prime not required

Amazon is trying something a little different. A big multi day sale, but this time prime membership is not required to get most of the deals.

There doesn’t seem to be a separate search, which is a little annoying, you just have to drill down by category and filters.

Most of the deals seem to be for 20 to 25% off. A wide variety of products.


SwitchBot has a bunch of stuff on limited time sales. Looks like they’ll probably have different bundles on different days. “Flashing” is their company’s term for “flash deals”.

As you’d expect, lots of Amazon devices on sale.

Fire TV cube is down to $115, Plus, you can get more discounts if you use an Amazon credit card and if you have a trade-in.

This is the only model that gives you voice navigation around the menu screens, like “scroll right,“ “scroll down,“ which can be very useful if, like me, you can’t use a button remote.

post the Meross up to 40% off sale. I saw that last night but forgot to post :slight_smile:

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On Amazon UK they are called ‘Spring Deal Days’ and run till the 25th. There are WOW! Deals that are exclusive to Prime members, lasting up to eight hours in limited quantities. The tech deals are today. There is are ‘devices’ deals on the 24th.

There are precisely four items in the tech WOW! deals. A studio controller, a dynamic XLR microphone, a docking station, and a portable USB charger.

The devices WOW! deals will consist of an eero Pro Wi-Fi 5 router, an eero Pro 6 Wi-Fi 6 router, and a pack of 3 of the Pro 6 routers,

Clearly Amazon UK understand the British love of irony.

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I really like Meross devices when used with Apple home. I have lost confidence in the SmartThings integration, though. :disappointed_relieved:

Anyway, here’s their deals page. Note that most of these are first marked down, and then there is an additional coupon box on the product page which will apply to one item from that page per order.

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Govee’s matter over WiFi enabled 16’4” LED strip is back to its lowest price ever at 69.99. This should work out of the box with no custom code as long as you have a SmartThings/aeotec hub and meet the other matter requirements. However, you’ll just get basic functionality through the matter integration, for some of the other fancy effects, you will need to use the Govee app.


If this is your first matter device for SmartThings, read the community FAQ

FAQ: What do I need to add a Matter device to the SmartThings app? Do I need a bridge router device?

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Lots of Kasa and Tapo devices on very good sales right now, including a matter over Wi-Fi UL listed 15A light switch. The two pack is on sale for $25. :sunglasses:

As always, if you are getting a matter version and this will be your first matter device, make sure you read the community FAQ about what will be required.

FAQ: What do I need to add a Matter device to the SmartThings app? Do I need a bridge router device?

There are a number of regular non-matter Wi-Fi models also on sale. Those will work with SmartThings through the regular cloud to cloud integration.

I believe all models do require a neutral wire.

A number of Shelly models are on sale at 20% off. Some are UL listed. The Wi-Fi models (not Bluetooth models) will work with SmartThings out of the box using a cloud to cloud integration. Or if you prefer, there is a community created custom edge driver that will give you local integration.

(I don’t know if there’s any integration possible with the Bluetooth models or not. You would definitely need a Shelly bridge device just to start, but I don’t know if there’s an integration with that or not.)

The Wi-Fi devices are quite popular in the community, though. :sunglasses:

These don’t have a smartthings integration, they don’t even have a HomeKit integration, but they hardly ever go on sale and I know some people here use them. 4 AirTags for $83 sold from Amazon itself.