Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale (October 11-12)

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IMO - this is a rather lame sale unless you want Amazon devices.


Meross, Innr, Switchbot, Ecobee, Flic, Sonoff, Zooz, Aqara and TPLink Kasa all have a bunch of items at about 20% off. (I don’t know if Zooz prices are better at or not)

Third Reality seems to have its markdowns at 10%.

I like the fact that all the items on the early access sale have a blue badge. Makes it easy to scan a results page and find them. :sunglasses: (Although sometimes there are green badge coupons or red badge sponsored items sales with even better deals.)

And Phillips hue came in late on Tuesday but with some nice discounts on a couple of offerings. Links courtesy of 9 to 5 toys:

I was surprised Amazon didn’t have much Lutron Caseta on sale: several competitors do. They do have the fan switch at 20% off. You need to have a Lutron SmartBridge or SmartBridge Pro to get the SmartThings integration, but no custom code is required.

Cielo Breeze (IR blaster for controlling air conditioners: will look like a thermostat to SmartThings, making it very easy to use in routines) has deep discounts of about 40%. No custom code required.

If you want something very new with Thread and you’re running HomeKit with a thread border router, the WeMo 3 button scene controller is interesting. Tiny (about Pico size). Each button supports press, long press, and double press, so 9 functions if you can remember what they are. I have a couple of these: they are definitely more stable than similar Bluetooth devices. 20% off, so now $39. This device does NOT work with SmartThings yet, but it may once Matter arrives. (But no promises)

If you just love this form factor and want to use it now and you do have HomeKit, you can use a Meross device as a proxy since it is visible to both platforms. But I am really hoping that we will get direct integration with Matter. We will just have to see. (If you do get one today, you have until January to return it, if you want to take advantage of the sale or are concerned that there might be a cheaper price later.)

And if you want a cheap Android tablet, Amazon is about to release a new generation of Fire tablets, so you can pick up the current generation for about half off. Under $50 for an 8” HD if you’re ok with ads. You do have to go through some extra steps to add the Google play store if you want to add SmartThings and other third party apps, but that’s pretty easy.

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@jkp It’s been over a year since I left ST for Home Assistant but I had to come back to check the deals post you created for Prime Day :slight_smile: so… popping in to say HI!


Sengled has a pretty good deal on their soft white BR30 ZigBee bulbs 6 pack. I just installed a couple of these about a month ago and they got added as a placeholder which is good a good sign. I had them kicking around in a box for a couple years, so I’m not 100% confident they are the exact same model, but I think they are. Unfortunately I am not home to double check.

Has anyone seen a good deal on zigbee buttons that seem likely to survive the Edge transition? I see the Aquara is inexpensive but all the posts I can find about it on this forum are old and seem to indicate you need groovy to make them work… If you can make them work at all.

A future option for Aqara once both companies support Matter will be to get an Aqara hub, add their devices to that, then bring the hub into the SmartThings app. It will bring many of its devices with it. Very similar to how the Hue bridge works now.

The result should be a reliable local connection with no custom code required. :sunglasses: That’s if everything works as it’s supposed to, of course.


Repeating from my post above since I edited that one and some people might miss this otherwise: