Amazon Prime Day (July 12-13, 2022)

The date has been set so it is time to start putting together your list, checking it twice and saving up for this years event.

The best place to check for Deals for Prime Day is - Prime Day

Keep tuned for any deals this year!


Making my wish list now! :sunglasses:

Fingers crossed…we have a 25 year old window unit for a converted garage that does both heat and cold. I’d really like to replace it with something that works with Alexa, and I just realized recently I could put just an a/c in the window and add a separate space heater. So that’s two big items.

Also my housemate wants a new laptop, so that’s three.

Usually, we just get small stuff, but you never know. 3 years ago we got a fantastic price on a smart ceiling fan and it’s worked great. :wind_face:


Fire 7 tablets - up to 53% off

Walmart will NOT run a competing sale this year, which is interesting.

Target will.

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Here is a resource available from Amazon that might help some users (use them on Prime Day or year round)…
Prime Member Coupons

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Newegg is having a sale… you might find some smart home devices. I did notice a UPS ($64) and Meross Garage Door Opener (Homekit version) ($34)

Switchbot is running a whole bunch of different discounts, including some pre Prime Day specials. For example, 30% off a bundle of a curtain bot, mini hub, and temperature sensor, plus a free button pusher.

There are coupon codes on top of regular bundle discounts, so you may not be able to figure out the price until you go to check out, but these are good deals.

Switchbot has a decent SmartThings integration for most models as long as you have their mini hub—I use it for the button pushers.

Two integration notes:

Some people have reported that the temperature meter only reports to ST about every 8 hours. It’s much faster in its own app.

The handheld button remote for the curtains is not exposed through the ST integration, so you can’t use it except to control the curtains.

Also, one caveat: they are planning to introduce some HomeKit integration later this year, but so far it’s just the smart plug. It’s possible that will require a new mini hub or altogether new models. So it may be that these prices are so good because they want to get rid of non HomeKit compatible inventory. :thinking:

But the prices ARE really good, so if you won’t feel regret if there are new models with new features by the end of the year, go for it. :sunglasses:


Best Buy - Black Friday in July Sale (ends Wednesday)

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Apple TV 32gb on Amazon is going for 119.99 and 64 gb for 139.99.

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Target deals are live. Includes 20% off select Philips Hue bulbs and a bunch of robot vacuums at different discounts.

There are also some smart switches on sale from a “target retail partner“ I’ve never heard of, Spreetail, so read listings carefully if you only want to buy from target itself. :thinking:

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Meross sent out an email that they will be having a sale on Amazon for Prime Day (but to be honest, they had lower prices recently compared to their Prime Day Deals)

Sale Prices should be reflected on their Amazon store from July 12-13…

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Samsung Black Friday in July

The Smartest House - 20% off everything

with coupon: THEDEAL


Save 15% when you buy 2 or more select Philips Hue products. Philips Hue Mix and Match Promotion – Add two or more select products to your cart and your discount will be automatically applied at checkout. Offer valid July 7 - July 17, 2022, while supplies last.

August Lock or August Lock and Keypad Bundle - 30% off

but check around… you may find better deals at other merchants

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Should I or shouldn’t I? :thinking:

The Delta Alexa-enabled faucet is on a Prime Day deal for under $450, almost the best price ever. (There was a Black Friday deal one year for about $15 less.) High rated. Not a motion sensor model, it’s one touch or voice on/off. Not as fancy as the more expensive Moen which lets you set the temperature, but nice and gets better reviews for reliability. I know I would really like it, but do I want to pay for it? Hmmmm….

(BTW, different things work for different people, but our household tried a motion-activated faucet for the kitchen sink and hated it—it was always going on at the wrong times. That seems to be why Delta offers the one touch models.)

DO IT!! :slight_smile: :sunglasses:


A couple things I noticed when comparing Delta vs Moen when I was shopping voice faucets:

  1. Moen works independent of the handle position. The handle isn’t physical on the moen, instead its a position sensor with wires running a control valve. So you can do voice control even if the handle is in the off position. I believe the Delta is a physical handle, so if it’s off then voice control won’t work.
  2. related to #1, its hard to do fine water flow control on the Moen faucet. Since its a “digital” valve you basically only have 3 options: off, 50% open and 100% open.

Try adding code 3522PDSB on either Amazon or the SwitchBot site. It should give an extra 5% off for a total of 35% for SwitchBot products.

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The Kasa smart plug with energy mini is 3.49 if ordered through Alexa.

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