Amazon Prime Day - October 13-14, 2020

Especially good on the contact sensor: down to $12.19! :sunglasses:

Reminder for everyone to check out other merchants who are also having sales…

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Home Depot Smart home deals. Good discounts, pretty random selection of products:


Kasa Kasa Kasa

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Does anyone know if IR devices paired to the SwitchBot bridge also integrate to smartthings?

Sure, that’s exactly how my TV integration works. The switchbot IR blaster is what I use to turn on my TV.

Switchbot - Simple “power on” for some TVs (IR blaster)

Awesome! Might get this for an electric fireplace we put in the basement. It has separate commands for the lights and heater, so I could automate the lights without turning on the heater :slight_smile:

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I keep thinking a Switchbot might be what I need to control a ceiling fan that requires a remote for operation. I never have the remote in hand when I need it. Would be nice to get it working with Alexa.

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If it already works with a remote, it might work with bond, which has become very popular. :sunglasses:. But the Switchbot does solve a lot of problems that are otherwise quite challenging.

Thanks. I’ve never been able to justify the cost of Bond. And I can likely put the Switchbot to some other use. The sale is tempting…

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I realize the Moen Flo water valve no longer supports IFTT, but the 1 inch version is on sale for $279 which is 50% off. Its cheaper than the 3/4 inch version.



The only US Company currently offering “Friends of Hue” batteryfree wall switches has a 20% off coupon today. This is the first discount I’ve ever seen from them.

Their switch is still expensive ($48 after coupon is applied), but if you use it with HomeKit it becomes a four button scene switch, so it’s expensive, but not crazy expensive. They come in many different colors, including gray and black. They also include a cover which makes it look just like a regular rocker switch, in which case it just has two buttons (press at the top or press at the bottom).

These do not work directly with smartthings (The smartthings zigbee 3.0 implementation does not yet support the “green power profile“ commands which these require).

However, if you are already using a hue bridge these make a nice parallel means of control.

These don’t have batteries: they harvest the kinetic energy from when you push the switch. That works well, but it does mean you have to push pretty hard, so that’s just something to be aware of. They will look like a regular rocker switch, but physically they will feel a little sticky.

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For those of you who still have Ifttt accounts, the Withings sleep tracker pad (a long pressure mat) rarely goes on sale, but today it’s 15% off, so $83.

I know a couple of community members have posted that they have it and like it. I believe the only smartthings integration is through Ifttt, although it does have some odd Alexa integration where are you can ask it to report on your stats. :sunglasses:

This can also work well for a sofa.

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This is interesting.

So apparently iRobot Makes unique model numbers for different mega retailers (probably to limit price comparisons but also maybe for some warranty reasons).

Their current high end system which empties itself, has the rollers which discourage pet hair wrapping (if you have a pet that sheds, you know what problem this is :wink:) , and has mapping is the Roomba i7+.

But there has also been an i8+ for a while which was only available at Costco.

And now they have introduced an i6+ specifically for Amazon Prime Day. :thinking: It’s priced at $200 off the regular price, the regular price being the same regular price as the i7+.

This may have a different battery than the regular i7+, but otherwise there doesn’t seem to be any difference Except it’s possible (reports vary) that the i7 has an extra side brush in the box that the i6 does not.

Anyway, to be honest I haven’t kept up with what integration options are available, if any. I know these have changed over the years and maybe there isn’t any smartthings integration right now except by having one echo device speak commands to another one.

But if you have been looking at roombas, this is a very good deal on the self emptying model. :sunglasses:

(Btw, The superficially similar shark model costs about half as much, but all of the reviews, both professional and at Amazon, say it’s extremely loud and not as effective as the Roomba.)

I guess I should also say I grabbed the $10 Echo Flex deal specifically so I can have it speak to one of my other echo devices and get integration for some things that I used to do through Ifttt.

Go ahead: laugh. :grin::rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I know it’s goofy, but it works just fine.


Buying one for my second garage door. This is cheaper than the individual sensors.

The newest august lock (4th gen) went on sale today

Looks like the Wyze cams dropped to $10 by using voice shopping with echo. One cam only. I believe it was a limited time deal and may have ended by now but if anyone wants to try, feel free. Lower price is reflected during checkout. If price has changed back to the higher price, you can cancel the order.

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Try a Kasa plug mini by voice too

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Thank you! Still worked today. Greatly appreciate the heads up.

This worked for me as well! Thanks @jkp!

No luck for me on this one, though…

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