Amazon Prime Day - June 21-22, 2021

Amazon has announced that Prime Day will be held in June this year. As always, I am sure others will post all the good deals that are found. Start saving your money :slight_smile:

Stay tuned for the exact dates and hopefully good deals.


Heh. We just yesterday opened the last box from last year’s Prime Day. They must be watching! :laughing:


Hopefully, the pandemic will not prevent us from shopping in stores as much this summer as it did in 2020, but by now, many of us are accustomed to curbside pickup and are on a first-name basis with our FedEx, USPS, and UPS delivery folks. How many of you succumbed to the targeted advertising on Instagram, Facebook, and elsewhere in the past year? My American Express bill will tell you that I certainly did.

June 21-22… that’s one rumor


LOL i believe i might bypass prime day this year to protest my subscribe and save items that keep getting lost in transit. I am so frustrated that for the past two months … only 1 item out of 15 items has arrived. Amazon refuses to replace but offers a refund but I lose the subscribe and save savings if I order them directly. Argh!

OKAY… rant over now. I feel better.


Wow. Sorry. That sucks.

I’ve just never gotten into the whole S&S thing.
Not for any particular reason. I think it’s just one of those things that I’ve always treated like, well, maybe later. lol

So…maybe WAY later?

We have about 30 items on subscribe and save, staggered deliveries, some only twice a year. it’s more about not forgetting to re-order then it is about the discount. (Since I don’t drive, I have to plan shopping in advance or get delivery.)

We haven’t had any shipments go missing, but since the pandemic started there are a lot more out of stocks, so it’s less dependable, which somewhat defeats the purpose.

My items did show up several days late but here is the kicker, the interior of the delivery box was covered with petroleum jelly or similar substance. It was gross.

Yuck! :nauseated_face:

Haven’t run into that yet, thank goodness.

It is now official…. Prime Day is June 21-22, 2021

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Word is Prime Day has been postponed in Canada due to COVID.

There will be some “early access“ deals available via Alexa starting June 18.

Can’t really think of anything exciting to look out for on Prime Day but then again once items start popping up there’s no telling what I’ll buy. I do kind want to get one of those hydroponic herb thing for the kitchen. I hate buying herbs when all I need is a couple of sprigs, no not that herb.

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Ars Technica found a few early prime day deals, most only available to prime members.

If you buy a $50 Amazon gift card from selected categories, you can get a $10 credit for future purchases.

With ST Integration

One of the ecobee models is on sale for $50 off.

TPLink Kasa HS103 smart plug on sale for 50% off, which brings it down to $7.99

Without ST integration except through Alexa routines

Several different Eufy devices, including some vacuums

A couple of Fire Tv models (televisions with fire TV built-in, not the add-on devices. Note that these do less than the fire TV cube from a voice control standpoint.)


These are early deals, many with limited quantities, some only running this weekend.


Eero, ring and blink sales…,

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There’s also a $10 off deal on the Amazon Wi-Fi smart plug, bringing it down to $14.99. (Not the lowest it’s ever been, but not a bad deal.)

This doesn’t have any integration with smartthings except through Alexa routines, but sometimes people are looking for a device separate from their smartthings system so they can use it to reboot their smartthings hub. Either remotely or with voice. So this would fit that use case.

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i purchased a $40 GC and got the $10 credit, but it is only good on sold by amazon and shipped by amazon.

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OKAY… here is a wild rumor swirling around…

There is speculation that Amazon may have another Prime Day event in October.

Of course, nothing is official until Amazon makes an announcement. But I kind of doubt this will happen.

I think it’s entirely possible to get holiday shoppers. A lot of Prime Day sales last year were in the 15 to 20% range, well suited to the usual holiday discounts. And the warehouses were all beefed up for pandemic volumes, so they can probably handle it. We’ll see. :sunglasses:

I just (2 weeks ago) grabbed a 4-pack of the TP-Link Smart plugs - The newer version (EP10) units at 24.99(US).
That made each about $6.25. These are the heavy duty - 15amp (1800W) rated units. The HS103 units look to only be good for 12-13 amps ??