Amazon Prime Day (July 16-17, 2024)

Amazon has announced Amazon Prime Day will return in July but have yet to set the dates. Amazon Prime Day July 2024

As usual: The Prime Day site for details and sales will be found at

This thread will be the place for community members to post great deals.


Yay! I love Prime Day! :heart_eyes:

In our household, we use it both to look for cool new stuff we’ve never seen before, to hopefully find great sales on things we want but don’t want to pay full price for, and also use it just to get an extra five or 10% off household staples like Batteries and our favourite shampoo. Because every little bit helps, right? :sunglasses:

We set up a separate wish list on our Amazon account and throughout the year put stuff on it that we’re tracking for the big sale days. Amazon has a feature where it will show you if the price has changed on something since you put it on your wish list or if there are any current deals. That makes it really easy to skim quickly and see anything on the list where the price has dropped. So we just check that list two or three times a day during the big sales and find the stuff we knew we wanted to buy if the price was right


Walmart just announced that its version of Prime Day, dubbed Walmart+ Week, will take place June 17 through June 23. Walmart+ Week offers exclusive deals for Walmart+ members, and the retail giant appears to be placing a lot of emphasis on gas and travel discounts this year. It’s currently teasing 20 cents off every gallon of gas purchased at Exxon and Mobil stations, as well as 20 percent Walmart Cash back on travel accommodations purchased through Walmart+ Travel. However, that’s not to say we won’t see discounts on other items, including electronics, during Walmart’s members-only shopping event.

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The day has been set. The Prime Day page is now active. Link posted in first post.

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This was interesting. I don’t know if this will be true for everyone. (we buy a lot of stuff on Amazon), but when I went to look at the early sales, it had a bunch of “exclusive offers, just for you“ items with a promo code for 15% off items which we have previously bought. And these deals were clearly based on my previous search/order history, going back about a year.

I don’t remember previous prime days offering such relevant deals.

We used one deal immediately on dog food since we can always use that.

Also, the regular deals page now has a “for you“ tab, which does something similar. Highly curated offers, none of the usual weird stuff like trampolines or manicure sets that I can’t possibly use. And again, obviously influenced by my search/order history.'s%20Deals_1

Yes, it has been doing that when I starting viewing it weeks ago, it was the reason I posted the link early :slight_smile:

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up to 50% off on some Ring products

I should add… you need to be a Prime member and logged in to see those deals

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All-new Amazon Echo Spot (2024 release), Smart alarm clock with vibrant sound + Alexa

-44% $45

The newest echo device, the 2024 Echo Spot, does not act as a Zigbee hub or a thread border router.

It is a matter controller, so it will work with matter over Wi-Fi devices.

Smart Home Device Compatibility WiFi, Bluetooth Low Energy Mesh, and Matter (WiFi only).

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Time to start checking out those items you want. Many limited time deals are starting to pop up.

several Tapo Matter/non-Matter products have coupons available today bringing a couple of them to have the lowest price according to camelcamel camel

for example:

$21.99 is lowest camelcamelcamel price recorded but the $4 coupon takes it down to $17.99 but only for one item per order. You will probably get lower prices for multiple during Prime Day. if you only need one - now is your chance. Will it be lower now or next week - your choice.

Switchbot has multiple products with 15-30% off coupons
Aqara and Meross have a few with coupons


Targeted Amex card holders can get up to 40% off at Amazon

limited deal - Amazon states it will deactivate the offer after 16,667 customers have redeemed it.

I’m only eligible for 15%.

Tell yourself —> Next year will be my year!


Echo Show 8 (Gen 3) is $85 on Prime special (normally $150). With $15 AMEX credit for using points, trade-in my Echo Show Gen 1 and 2017 Fire TV for $8 credit, out the door with tax $78.

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SwitchBot has released a bunch of early deals, anything from 15 to 40% off. In all cases, you will need a SwitchBot hub in order to get integration with SmartThings. If you get the SwitchBot hub 2, you will have a choice of two integrations for many devices (although not all devices or all features).

  1. standard “linked services” (cloud to cloud) integration. No SmartThings/aeotec hub is required for this one: the link is between your SwitchBot account and your SmartThings account. No custom code required.

  2. if you do have a SmartThings/Aeotec hub and a SwitchBot hub 2, then you can use the SwitchBot hub 2 as a “matter bridge“ and get a matter integration for many of their devices. This is a local integration and does not require any custom code.

“Flashing” is their term for flash deals. Their deals page shows the regular price; when you go to the item page, there will be a coupon box. Check that to get the discount.

We use a lot of SwitchBot devices at our house and like them a lot. Our favorites right now are probably the curtain openers, the button pushers, and the weatherproof outdoor temperature sensor, which is a really good price if you already have the SwitchBot hub. Their tiny robot mop/vacuum is very cool if you want to go to the trouble of hooking it into your plumbing system so it can refill itself with water, but we just don’t have a need for that one right now.

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TP-Link Tapo Matter Supported Smart Plug Mini, Compact Design, 15A/1800W Max (3 pack)

50% off but deal ends in 5 hours


Meross Prime Day Deals are here: Meross Store @ Amazon

up to 46% off

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FYI just looked and 50% off is over, but now has 7 bucks off after 44% off so I think even cheaper.

just remember: coupons are valid for one item per order