Amazon Prime Day (July 11-12, 2023)

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Maybe they will eliminate the 200 device limit before then so I do my part to help the economy?


Early Prime day deals - up to 60% off Amazon devices

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Just to call out that the “Amazon devices“ category includes ring, blink, and Mr. beams. Some really good ring bundle prices, around 40% off. These deals are not available on ring’s own website, only in the deals section of the Amazon website.

The ring security system is Z wave, so, although you can’t use their hub in combination with smartthings except by using Amazon routines as an intermediary, if you just want the end devices like contact sensors and motion sensors to connect directly to a SmartThings/Aeotec Home, that can still be a good deal.

There is also a commmunity edge Driver, which allows you to use the ring keypad with smartthings. @Buds_Smart_Home has a really good 2023 video on how to use Ring security devices including the keypad with SmartThings. He also discusses some additional features You can activate through Sharptools.

Some community members do want the full security features offered by the ring system, including the cellular connection and professional monitoring, so they will be limited to whatever partial integration you can get through Amazon routines.

But if you just want the Z wave devices to add to your SmartThings setup, with these early prime deals you can still save a nice chunk of money, even if you don’t intend to use the Ring security plans. Again, see bud’s video for the details of all the features you can get in this kind of configuration. :sunglasses:



-40% $11.99 plus coupon


$22 with coupon

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oops, missed this one… last day

-20% $39.99

-21% $54.99

$12 coupon

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the usual price reductions

Walmart is starting their sales a day earlier than Amazon’s on 10 July.

First thing to consider is a 50% off deal on Walmart plus, which is their competitor to Amazon prime. During the sale you pay $49 for one year membership. That gives you free shipping on items shipped from Walmart (not items shipped from third parties which show up under “Walmart marketplace” on the site.) early access to a lot of sales. Some special pricing, etc. includes Paramount+ and Pluto TV for streaming content. Plus fuel deals in some states.

Anything which will ship free with a Walmart plus membership should show a W+ icon in the search results.

They do have a Smart Home department, but you have to search for it, it’s not listed on the main menu.

Be warned: historically, I have found that their search results list a lot of things as “compatible with…“ Which are not. So don’t trust their filter tags, but the individual product descriptions are usually fine.

I have gotten some good deals there from time to time, but you have to check carefully. For example, right now they have one of the Sonoff Wi-Fi relays in a five pack at an excellent price.

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Good discounts on some Nanoleaf panels. These are Thread but NOT Matter (long story there) or they can use WiFi.

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12 to 15% off iPad 10th generation sold by Amazon:

Full list of models on sale:

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Prime deals on Kasa products

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SwitchBot is offering similar discounts of 22 to 25% on many items purchased through Amazon, plus some additional coupons and bundle discounts. So if you also have an Amazon credit card, buying through Amazon is probably a slightly better deal on these products. But there are a few which are not discounted Amazon, which would get the site wide discount at the manufacturer site. So it just depends how much time you want to spend researching each item. :thinking:

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20% coupon available

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20% off everything at the Smartest House

with coupon: REALDEAL

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